Installing Cooling Systems in Denver CO
Installing Cooling Systems in Denver CO
Denver can have the hottest of summers and it is important that you install cooling systems in your home. Find out how to do it effectively. Hire Sparks today!

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I remember the last time I wanted to call an HVAC contractor to my home for installing cooling systems in Denver CO. To begin with, I looked up HVAC contractors near me on Google. I called the first one I saw only to find they didn’t answer both of my calls. Yes, I called them twice in a row as my house really needed a new cooling system. Then I moved on to the second contractor who, fortunately, did answer my call. I asked them about their cooling system installation charges and I was blown by how high their quote was. I decided to pass on it as it exceeded my budget by a huge margin. Finally, I found a contractor who answered my call and gave me a reasonable quote for their installation charges. I booked an appointment with them for 10 am the next morning. I made the necessary preparations in my house for the installation by moving my furniture and covering the appliances with a sheet. Their team showed up at 10.50 am, due to which I had to wait for them without being able to use any appliance or furniture. The person who was the head of their installation team was impolite and unprofessional. Moreover, the time they took to complete the job was one and a half hours longer than they promised. This led me to get late for work and needless to say, I was highly dissatisfied with their service.

I learned a very important lesson that day. When you let someone into your home or workplace for any kind of service, make sure that they’re professionals who are polite, punctual, and properly competent. You should only call a certain service provider when you’re sure they can be trusted. This is especially true when it comes to cooling system installation. Since an HVAC system is a long-term investment for your home, it needs to be done right. You don’t want trouble in the future when your unit keeps giving you problems or breaks down. Moreover, a good HVAC installation provider would also provide other services such as maintenance, ductwork, furnace repair, and water heater replacement.

We, at Sparks Heating and Air, take pride in offering the best services to our clients. One of the most reputed professional HVAC companies in Colorado, Sparks Heating and Air provides a plethora of services at some of the best prices. We are open 24 X 7, all 365 days of the year so you never have to wait for your cooling system repair, replacement, or installation. With more than 800 satisfied customers and many 5-star reviews, you can be assured to receive the best cooling unit and services from us. Additionally, we also provide financing options to our clients on the purchase of a new cooling system. This way, you don’t have to compromise on your comfort due to budget. Thanks to our partnership with one of the best finance companies, we have attractive finance offers for you. We also provide membership options for the further benefit of regular clients.

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