There are lots of questions regarding the choice of VPS hosting providers. This article explains you how to choose the best VPS hosting satisfying your needs.


For the best choice of VPS hosting, there are a few things about virtual server specific features, such as the number of resources each firm allocates,the starting price, and whether they offer both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting that the user should consider.Also,the VPS hosting you choose should contain some basic features like helpful support, uptime guarantees, lower annual price, and user ratings. Let us look into it briefly.

Number of resources each firm allocates

According to the free disk space and resorces available in VPS,one can host any number of websites.So the number of resources is the most important factor to be considered.Being an important factor,the VPS hosting service should be ready to allocate maximum number of resources for the entry level plan itself.If a firm allocates maximum number of resources for the netry level plans,then it is said to be the good option.

The starting price

There are basic plans that every hosting company offers.Users are to pay monthly as per the annual plan.There are some VPS hosting providers that offer cheap starting plans but gets renewed at extremely higher cost after a year.There are also some VPS hosting services like Webnexs VPS servers that offer fully managed VPS hosting plans starting as low as $20/month with an annual plan.This includes all basic features like 2 GB RAM,1 Core CPU,20 GB SSD storage,2TB Bandwidth with free setup and migration and free SSL.Also they do not get renewed at a higher cost after a year.All these features with just $20/month is just outstanding.

So this factor should be considered while choosing for the VPS hosting plans.

Managed and unmanaged hosting 

An operating system and several types of software are required for running websites.So these are to be frequently installed on the server.In addition to that,hosting firms may provide services such as automated backups, virus screening and removal, status monitoring, security sweeps, and other similar services. The 'managed' component of the term 'managed hosting' refers to these additional functions.This managed hosting is referred to as the hosting plan with a variety of extra features or services. The host takes care of everything so it will be easy for the users to save time and focus on running and growing their websites.

Whereas,Unmanaged hosting refers to a hosting plan that includes no or very few extra services. Users can only get a server with merely an operating system installed with unmanaged hosting. That is, users will have to install any required software on their own.

The users can choose Managed or unmanaged plans according to their needs and wish.

Helpful support

Another important factor is the helpful support.When we tend to choose VPS hosting,it's VPS server admins should be ready to support you every time.Also make sure that the team of administrators are ready to monitor your backups and security all the time. With Webnexs VPS servers, you will be monitored by a team of Webnexs administrators,as well as unlimited cloud backups are provided along with incomparable data protection. 

Uptime guarantees

An uptime guarantee is the one that guarantees your website will be up and run for a specified percentage of the time.The perfect uptime guarantee is about 99.999% of which many VPS hosting offer and even 100% uptime guarantees in some case.When choosing the best VPS hosting,it should offer minimum of 99.9% uptime guarantee to keep your website active and it saves you from downtime.Have a glance at Webnexs VPS servers, which offers incredible uptiome at extremely low cost.

Lower annual price

The main thing you concern the most is the annual price of any VPS hosting server.So you should be wise in choosing the VPS hosting provider that provides lower annual price.It should also be the one that does not get renewed at a high price after a year. So you can choose it accordingly.

User ratings

Looking at the user ratings of the customers gives you a clear idea about your choice.When we look at the ratings of already used customers,it clears up your mind.So,when choosing a VPS hosting provider always remember to look at the user ratings and make a decision.

Speed,Performance and Security

A VPS hosting service is said to be good if it fulfills all the user requirements like speed, performance and security. You can just look at Webnexs VPS servers that offer extremely best and cheapest plans of your expectations. 

Webnexs’ speed has been verified and their fully managed support delivers the fastest hosting service.

Webnexs’ Cloudflare CDN provides highest performance and is also scalable and easy-to-use. It increases the speed of your site by providing highest performance and security.

All these factors help you to choose an ideal VPS hosting provider.