How Can Your Past Affect Your Present?
How Can Your Past Affect Your Present?
The true history lesson combined with the dynamics of the fictional action makes for a most interesting and educational read.

The past plays an extremely important role in a human's life. We are influenced by what has already happened and build our future from what we have learned. Our past and future, however, are not things that are in our control, and we need to let go of instances that bring us down and hinder us from growing into better human beings.

There are certain ways in which our past can affect our present and hinder our lives.

Develop Unhealthy Traits

Going through traumatic experiences that hinder our growth as a human will leave us with memories that we can not get through very easily. We will be left with scars that do not heal, and our minds will be trapped inside a cage with its doors open.

The outside world starts to seem a little too scary, and we start to hide ourselves to avoid any interactions. This is where we develop unhealthy traits that are supposed to help us stay safe and inside our cage. We reject social settings and make sure we have a very comfortable bubble around us.

Our life revolves around a protective personality that we have made for ourselves, and it is something that we do not want to change. These unhealthy traits make us lose friends, distance us from our families, and we end up being alone and stranded.

Being heavily affected by the past can also bring your conversational topics down to topics that relate closely to those things that have happened. This can leave people annoyed and it becomes easier for them to distance themselves from you instead of helping you get through this.


PTSD is a serious issue that is a trauma response to experiences we have had in the past. A seemingly normal human being needs to be excessively careful of the environment they put themselves in to ensure they do not trigger their PTSD. It can reduce people's social lives, and they do not enjoy themselves in such times.

Anxiety attacks and depressive episodes become normal, and pulling yourself out of such environments becomes increasingly harder to deal with. This mindset is extremely hard to get out of but is not impossible. People can take therapy and help themselves be better with time. There are multiple therapies that exist solely to help people get over their traumatic pasts. \

A similar incident of the past interfering with the present is mentioned in the book The Curious Case Of Julia Felix. Though the concept is extremely different, it has instances where the present Julia can feel what Julia Felix had to go through in her time. Placed in a Roman setting, the book retains the reader's interest and helps both characters reach an applaudable conclusion which helps them both grow with time.

Self Sabotaging Behaviour.