How to Pull Off the Soft-Washed Aesthetic for Your Workout
How to Pull Off the Soft-Washed Aesthetic for Your Workout
The soft-washed aesthetic is an emerging trend that features pastels, natural dyes and minimal designs that can help you create a look that’s muted but still eye-catching. This is a highly fashionable approach for those who want to change up their athleisure and workout attire. Whether you’re making a change with your sweatshirts or walking shoes, these tips can help you bring this look to life.

If you want to shake up your look, emerging trends can help you feel confident and stylish as you take on the day and your time in the gym. The soft-washed aesthetic is the perfect trend that can help you simplify your look with muted colors that are still eye-catching and fashionable. Men and women can enjoy a variety of designs that support their performance with natural-looking dyes that are sure to make a statement whether you are at a studio class or out running errands. No matter your lifestyle, this soft style can transform your wardrobe into a range of trendsetting combinations.

Choose Gorgeous Colors to Stay On-Trend

Much of this trend involves finding minimal designs made with natural dyes that are simple and fashionable. You might try a performance shirt or tank top in a muted pastel color to bring this aesthetic to life. Pair your classic shirt with womens workout leggings that are soft and flexible or men’s track pants in a similar color to create a complete look. Try a cropped shirt in a light pink, blue, brown or green to help you add color in a subtle, eye-catching way. Who What Wear says that pastels often have a calming nature that can create a sense of nostalgia and comfort. So, next time you’re creating a look for your next spin class or just to lounge around, use a soft color palette to your advantage.

Find Unique Cuts and Designs

While color is a critical element in your soft-washed aesthetic, you can also shake up your approach with unique designs. Try pairing a soft cotton crew dress in a natural or earthy tone with matching walking shoes from a reputable brand to create a sporty-chic ensemble. Or, try legging shorts in similar hues for yoga or your next hike. You can wear them with cross training shoes or add slides for a more casual look. Be sure the brand you choose offers a wide range of innovative designs that support your body, along with colors like light pink and even non-dyed options in white.

Try Layering and Matching Footwear

The soft-washed aesthetic continues to gain momentum as it evokes a dreamy and romantic vibe, according to Cosmopolitan. Your soft-washed attire can incorporate this trend by using natural and pastel hues. Craft athleisure ensembles that can support your performance and dreamy appearance. Try layering with a fleece hoodie or sweatshirt to support your warmup or for trendy loungewear. Add high-comfort footwear like white or black shoes to make a statement whether you’re at the gym, work or enjoying a walk outside.

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