Fall Is Coming: 4 Types of Sneakers to Have in Your Rotation
Fall Is Coming: 4 Types of Sneakers to Have in Your Rotation
Fall is right around the corner, so now is the time to start transitioning your looks to fit the season. Along with your tops and bottoms, consider the sneakers in your daily rotation. With different weather and activities, fall typically requires a different set of kicks. From basketball shoes to walking shoes, check out these four essentials to pick up for fall.

Summer might be coming to a close, but the fun keeps going. The weather is cooling off a tad, the days are getting shorter and all things fall are right around the corner. As you transition your wardrobe to fall, you should consider how your sneaker rotation will adapt to this new climate and season. Here are a few different types of sneakers to keep in your daily rotation.

High-Top Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are trending and that trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If anything, it might be gaining even more momentum. Fall is the perfect time to break out the high-top basketball shoes because you likely don’t have to contend with record-high heat. You can never go wrong with signature men's basketball shoes from one of the legends in the game. Or consider a retro-inspired pair of kicks that are just as game-changing as they were when initially launched.

Have Neutral Colors at the Ready

Even if you’re not changing the materials and textures in your wardrobe, you’re likely adopting a different color palette. Some of the trendiest fall colors this year range from olive green to gray, so you may want neutral tone sneakers to match. White shoes are among the most versatile sneakers you can own, but you should consider other options as well. Check out sneakers in colors like gray, cool blue or even light pink. With a pair of neutral tone sneakers, you can mix and match them with a variety of looks throughout the season.

Classic Sneakers Are Timeless

We all need that one pair of sneakers we can throw on, lace up and head out the door without a second thought. Whether you’re going to the store, the office or late-night dinner, these sneakers don’t care and will stick with you every step of the way. For most, these everyday shoes are typically a pair of classics. The timeless design lends these sneakers to a variety of settings and scenarios. Check out a pair of athletic-inspired classic sneakers from a legacy performance brand and you can’t go wrong.

Ultra-Comfortable Walking Shoes

It doesn’t matter the season; everyone needs a solid pair of women’s or mens walking shoes. Just like summer, fall is full of plenty of walkable moments. From the weekend farmers’ market to casual evening strolls to hit 10,000 daily steps, you’ll be glad to have a dedicated pair of walking shoes. What separates walking shoes from just any old pair of kicks are the material and technology choices. Most walking shoes will feature cushioning technology to help make every step feel effortless. In addition, the actual build materials will be supportive yet breathable. Check out a pair from a brand that specializes in performance-based footwear and apparel.

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