3 Ways to Start Your Day with Movement
3 Ways to Start Your Day with Movement
The moment you wake up is an opportunity to kick-start your day in a way that’s going to set you up for success. Add high-quality workout shoes for men or women to your routine and try a morning run or do a class with weights or a yoga sequence. Determine what you want to focus on at the start of the day and craft a consistent regimen to follow.

Every morning routine can benefit from some form of movement to get the body and mind ready for the day. Morning exercise can set you up for success and help you optimize your day. If you’ve already broken a sweat, you can handle anything the day throws at you. There are countless ways you can incorporate such a practice, depending on your preferred activity levels and overall needs. You might enjoy a slow morning with a session of power yoga or speed it up with a HIIT circuit to break a serious sweat. Lace up your workout shoes for men or women and check out these tips to get moving.

Ease Into the Day with a Walk

If you want to ease yourself into the day, try going for a walk that lets you move your body without overextending yourself. This is perfect for those who wish to walk their dog, walk with a loved one or jump on the phone while still starting the day off right. Keep your favorite pair of active retro shoes by your bed to make it easy when it comes time to begin your hike or walk. Be sure that you select yours from a brand known for their innovative designs that can provide comfort and cushion to your stride. A vintage-inspired design is perfect for starting your day in style while easily transitioning to work or whatever else you have planned.

Wake Up with HIIT or a Run

If you’re someone who likes to surprise their body or hit their peak intensity in the morning, try a HIIT workout. This type of workout involves a range of intervals that include cardio, body weight and other elements that can be as challenging as you make them. Be sure that you find workout shoes that are durable and cushioned to support the abrupt movements that accompany this form of exercise. Your footwear should be dynamic and feature key fitness details like a durable heel cup for stability or a comfortable upper to support lateral movement. Or, engage your senses and go for a run on your treadmill or outside on the trails to raise your heart rate right alongside the sun.

Rise with Yoga or a Class

If you want to focus on your mindset or join a community, doing yoga by yourself or with a group can be a great way to start the day. You can slowly stretch yourself and awake each section while letting you reach inner peace before you get to the next task. Find a yoga mat and top-quality studio wear from one brand that can support your body in breathable, flexible fabrics and innovative designs that don’t sacrifice comfort, performance or style. It’s time to set yourself up for better days with movement that can help you build the life you want.

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