The market conditions are apt now for Cryptocurrency exchange development
The market conditions are apt now for Cryptocurrency exchange development
Launch your exchange proficiently in just two weeks by obtaining our white-label crypto exchange software.

Cryptocurrency exchange development is the most profitable business right now. Many companies are providing white label solutions at an affordable cost for those firms aspiring to enter the fast-growing digital trading space. Their services include the creation of a White label Bitcoin exchange software, centralized exchange development, P2P exchange development, decentralized exchange development, and smart contract development. 

The main features that will be incorporated into the platform by a cryptocurrency exchange software solution provider

  • The acceptance of advanced order types like a market order, limit order, and stop-limit order by a powerful matching engine.

  • A launchpad for IEO. 

  • An OTC trading and margin trading facility.

  • The provision of multilingual technical support rendered 24x7. 

  • A Crypto staking option where users can earn profitable rewards.

  • An advanced CMS where all the important information is shared on a timely basis. 

  • Integrated digital wallets where the users can store their tokens and coins safely.

  • Trading via options, perpetual contracts, and futures contracts. 

  • A real-time price ticker API that alerts the investors whenever there is any fluctuation in the price of the cryptos.

  • Sufficient provision of liquidity by establishing APIs with the leading external exchanges in the industry. 

  • The presence of a trading bot that automatically executes trades for the users.

  • Advanced charting tools that help in better decision-making by the investors.

  • Security measures like HTTP authentication, end-to-end encryption of data, jail login, anti-DDoS protection, cross-site request forgery protection, server-side request forgery protection, and HTTP parameter pollution protection. 

The broad advantages of Cryptocurrency exchange development

  • Fast processing of transactions ensuring the swift settlement of funds.

  • Maintenance of user anonymity and a higher level of privacy. 

  • Immune to a market crash or an economic downturn.

  • Is very easy to use even by novice traders who do not possess much technical expertise.

  • Can be readily launched in the market without incurring a huge developmental investment. 

With Bitcoin soaring past $34,000 recently, it is the right time to partner with a well-known cryptocurrency exchange software solution provider and establish a robust trading platform. Reach out to expert blockchain developers who will provide customized feature-rich solutions and fulfill your business goals successfully.