How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 6190, 816?
How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 6190, 816?
This article will help you to troubleshoot QuickBooks error 6190, -816 which will not allow you to open the company file. So if you are a victim of this issue keep reading!

How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 6190, 816?

The QuickBooks error happens when a user tries to access a file in a single-user mode. This error is normal and affects windows 7, 8, 9.10. Here, we will tell you how to repair your QuickBooks error.

What is QuickBooks Error 6190 816?

QuickBooks Error 6190 occurs when many users are running their QuickBooks Desktop user mode, which will turn into issues connecting to a file located on a server in the network.

Symptoms of QuickBooks showing QuickBooks Error 6190

        The most common symptom of QuickBooks error 6190 comes from the text that reads, QuickBooks can't open this company file error codes (6190, -816).

        If this error occurs, then the desktop starts working slowly.

        Windows will not work and will lose the response to the commands.

        All other programs will stop working.

        In rare samples, the keyboard and mouse work blindly.

        The causes of the QuickBooks error start displaying error code 6190.

        All because of the corruption in the company file.

        A common problem occurs when the QuickBooks program files get error 6190 when it opens the company file.

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After analyzing the whole process, we can guide you with the troubleshooting solutions for the causes and symptoms of QuickBooks error 6190.

Simple Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 6190

Solution 1: Take help from QuickBooks File Doctor to fix the damaged file.

The QuickBooks File Doctor tools help repair and resolve all network and company file problems.

        If you use only one-time QuickBooks File Doctor, it works automatically. Scan, pick all the problems, and solve them.

        If you already have an older version of QuickBooks Desktop, go to the official QuickBooks website and search for QuickBooks Tool Hub.

        After that, download and save the Tool Hub installation file "QuickbooksTool.exe to a location.

        Choose those locations where you quickly pick and access it.

        Remember to run the installer file when the download completes by affecting the license agreement.

        Complete the task of the installation process.

If you can't get the tool icon to the desktop, search it from the windows search and run it; now, you can select the QuickBooks file Doctor Tool in the file problem tab. Then, just browse and choose the company file manually, which has problems, and QuickBooks File Doctor will identify and automatically fix the name in it.

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Solution 2: Fix My program Tool from QuickBooks Tool Hub

To fix My Program quickly, the system has a tool that instantly refreshes QuickBooks Desktop installation and re-registers the installation. It also helps solve typical applications, such as error 6190 in QuickBooks.

        You must follow the steps below to download and uninstall QuickBooks Tool.

        Hub to run instant repairing of My Program Tool.

        Just click and download the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

        Go to download options on your computer and click the QuickBooks Tool Hub. Exe file twice.

Follow the on-screen download QuickBooks Tool Hub.

        Where one tool is downloaded, close QuickBooks and open any other programs.

        After that, run QuickBooks Tool Hub to take the help of the desktop icon for shifting the program tab.

        Finally, click the QuickBooks instant Fix Program Tool to refresh the QuickBooks desktop application.

        The tool will take a few minutes to restore QuickBooks.

        When the tool refresh is done, open the company file again in QuickBooks.

If the error persists, follow the next troubleshooting instructions and force QuickBooks to make new network data and compact log files.

Solution 3. Rename QuickBooks. ND and TLG Files

Impaired in QuickBooks. ND and TLG files are ability reasons for annoying errors like 6123. Follow the steps given below, and we will rename the QuickBooks configuration files, which provide pressure to QuickBooks for creating new ones without corruption.

        Open the window File Manager and navigate the QuickBooks Downloaded Directory.

         Commonly, QuickBooks Desktop is downloaded in C: / Users Public/Public Documents /Intuit/QuickBooks/.

        Set the file with the same name as your company file but with ND and TLG addition.

        Click each file and choose Rename.

        After that, add OLD File and finish the file name.

        Just open QuickBooks, and after that, open the company file.

If you still face the same error, 6190 816, go for the next troubleshooting step.

Solution 4: Again, start all the computers in the Network and the server.

Sometimes the troubleshooting cannot work for restart. In this case, follow the instructions, which will help you solve the server and the workstation computer problems. This trick will help to solve error code 6190.

Move to the next step: hosting the company and restarting again.

After that, again start all workstations that are connected to the network.

        On the server, open QuickBooks and run it on workstations.

        If you are struggling with QuickBooks error code 6190,816, go for the next step of the company file to the left call storage.

Solution 5: Go to the QuickBooks Company file in the Local storage.

It is simple and easy to access the QuickBooks of the company file, which is saved in the device's local storage, compared to obtaining it from the server or the cloud.

        From the USB storage devices, copy the company file from the server.

        Now move to the next step, which is the workstation, where you have to try to open the company file.

        After that, open the QuickBooks Desktop and access the company files for local storage.

        If you are still facing the same problems, get rid of QuickBooks, which cannot open this company file 6190 " error message.

        You can fix QuickBooks Desktop installation by using QuickBooks Desktop Installation Diagnostic Tool.


The methods mentioned above will work and resolve the QuickBooks error code 6190. This is the simple and fastest solution to fix troubleshooting error problems and repair your system. However, if your issues still need to be solved and repeatedly show errors, don't waste time and contact our QuickBooks error support team helpline number +1-800-615-2347 for help.