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Web D School - Online Web Designing & Development course Chennai
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5 tips to give your designing career a flying start

Graphic/Web designing training is a very popular course that more people with creative skills take up nowadays, but the hard thing is to start your career with a great job. In this blog, we have shared 5 tips to give your designing career a flying start.

Read till the end, this might give you good directions in starting off with a good career.

Tip 1 – Learn ONLY from the best

Once you have decided to make a career in the field of Graphic / Web designing, the first thing you ensure is that you gain the necessary knowledge (or) the right training from the best place.

There are hundreds of training institutes that claim to be the best & they try to attract aspiring students with huge discounts, free gifts, etc.

So, be fully prepared to conduct a thorough research abt the institute, their teaching standards, their placement records, etc before committing yourself to the course.

Never ever compromise on the quality of the education, especially for the sake of saving a few thousand or avoiding the travel of a few extra kilometers.

Remember that this is a solid investment you are getting into & how much ever you earn in the next 30-35 years is going to be based on the few months you are going to spend there.

Tip 2 – Join relevant communities & forums

Allow the professional web designers to be your “godfathers” by joining in relevant forums & communities, where you can share your work-related issues, ask questions, request for solutions, seek guidance in a project.

Just absorb as much as knowledge from the old-timers’ experience & learn the nuances of the creative process, which not many institutes can teach.

Tip 3 – Practice, practice & more practice

Practice makes perfect – this universal truth is the secret behind all successful persons from any field.

You have to practice most of the time while studying the course and see the world like a designer would see it, i.e. capturing all the interesting information and transforming it into the design.

Theories are important to understand the software & their functionalities, but it is those practical sessions, which actually converts you into a professional designer.

So, with more practice, more professional you become. 

Tip 4 – A good portfolio

Before getting the dream job in the designing field, you will need a solid portfolio, which is nothing but a showcase of all your works and projects (only the completed ones).

The Graphic/Web designer degree might help a bit, but potential employers would like to see your skills before they shortlist you for an interview.

We recommend that you create a blog (or) a personal site (or) a microsite, where you can post all your good works showcasing your skills in designing, interface creation & functionalities.

Whenever a client/employer wants to see your portfolio, you can just send him the link to this page.

A good portfolio plays a big role in bagging you an interview from a reputed company.

Tip 5 – Prepare well for the interview

This is such an important point, that we have written a separate blog on this.

Please click here to know those important interview tips.

If you can check all these boxes, you can be assured of an excellent start to your career in the designing field with a high-paying job in a reputed company.