VOA Learning English
VOA Learning English
You can both learn what's going on in the world and improve your English.

VOA Learning English

 VOA Learning English is a multimedia news and information resource. Also on the site  Let's Learn English you can use the content they offer in specific categories such as in your language learning process. This category includes video lessons on the lives of young Americans, updated every week. There are also handouts, assessments, and lesson plans for individual students. You can also download the video from the website and work offline later. Regular listening will greatly benefit our language development. Moreover, VOA Learning English has an app that you can download to your phone. This application also contains English stories, lessons, and news n the site. The contents are updated daily with audio and video.


This is the most difficult skill to acquire for most people because it is more difficult to put into practice. Talking is the ultimate goal for many people. Despite this, they still don't get a lot of speaking practice. The conversation should become as part of your learning routine as possible. Of course, you can't always find a real conversational setting. However, you can start practicing pronunciation by repeating it out loud while listening to English. Even standing in front of the mirror and talking to yourself improves your English speaking skills. Try to make it a habit to think in English. There are many tools that you can access even if they are not around. All you need: Internet. If you have internet access, we have some suggestions for you to use to improve your speaking skills.

Learn by Talking

One of the best ways to learn English is to talk to native speakers. You can improve your English speaking skills by talking to a foreign instructor. Learn by Talking allows you to talk to native speakers of English. You can talk to a stranger to practice the phrases, essay writer service expressions, and idioms you learned on your own. If you are wondering if you can use what you have learned correctly and appropriately, you can get feedback from the expert trainer. Choose your desired lesson duration from 10, 20, or 30-minute lessons. Then, practice speaking by entering the class at a date and time of your choice. Thus, you will have the opportunity to talk to a native speaker and you will be able to practice listening.

It is a site where you can improve your English speaking skills. It finds sample YouTube videos for you based on the word or phrase you searched for. If you wish, you can listen to the speech in the accent you want by choosing one of the three accents presented just below the search engine. Then you can watch the videos in order, and you can practice speaking by trying to make the same sounds. Yogesh, offering the words you want to learn words in a context of naturals you see its usage. You can also see the frequency of use of that word or phrase in videos. If its use is low, it is possible to deduce that there is no natural use here. Moreover, online essay writer you do not need to be a member of the site. You will see every word in the video in the subtitle. In addition, when you click on a word you do not know, you will see a small dictionary panel. That way, you won't have to look up a dictionary separately. The dictionary panel includes; definition of the word, its synonyms, example usage, and translation into a language of your choice. YouGlish offers the option to watch the video at the speed you want with the speed button at the bottom right. If you don't like the video, we recommend that you change it and watch something that interests you. Because the more fun language learning is, the more permanent it is.

Yes, you read it right: Google Docs. Now you may have the following question in your mind: How can I learn English with this application? However, now we're going to tell you such a cool tool that you'll want to try it right away. Click the voice typing option in the tools section of Google Docs. Set the language to English and start speaking. If you think that it will not be effective because it is so simple, you are wrong. With daily speaking practice, you will both improve your speaking skills and your pronunciation. Because voice typing when you can't pronounce words properly it won't work and won't be able to dictate what you speak. If you want, you can find questions for a daily conversation on the Internet and try to answer them. You can also use it to keep a diary if you want. Don't limit yourself, go to Google Docs and start practicing.


Reading is one of the comprehension skills, just like listening. However, unlike listening, you will not be able to follow a conversation, so you can read at your own pace. By taking a break, you can find words you don't know the meaning of from the dictionary. It will even be beneficial for you to look at the example sentences and see the usage of the word. Reading will not only reinforce the words you already know but will also enable you to learn new words from context. If you want your reading skills to improve, you should make a reading routine. Read everything you can get your hands on; children's books, newspaper, magazines, Buy essay online and even recipes. Besides, there are great tools that you can use to get into the habit of reading. We have listed the ones that are useful and easy to use for you below.