Magic in Fingers Online Course in UAE
Magic in Fingers Online Course in UAE
At the Ocean Brain, we offer courses for kids like, Abacus, Vedic Mathematics, Phonics, Magic Tables, Magic in Fingers, Cursive Handwriting, Sharpen Your Brain and table up to 99. Aged 4-14 to boost overall brain & Skill development.

Ocean Brain is a unique and scientifically-proven mental development smart programe designed for children to develop their latent mental power at a very early age when brain development is reaching its peak.

Children learn faster and retain the knowledge if they are motivated and engaged in a positive emotional environment.

What initially seems impossible becomes a reality with Ocean Brain!!!

Vedic mathematics is a magical solution to complex mathematical problems in seconds. It enriches and improves your knowledge and understanding of mathematics so that you can learn it in an easy way.

It is used to make quick and accurate calculations and helps develop the right brain and general intelligence. Our Abacus program is scientifically structured that sharpens young brains and performs calculations.

Math magic is a way to use your fingers to perform arithmetic operations such as addition and subtraction. Also called finger arithmetic, this program helps to arouse interest in mathematics and save time during calculations.

Ocean Brain memory class is designed to teach techniques to help children with memory, retention, memory, short-term memory, long-term memory, photo memory, memory games, mental exercises, and more.

Phonics allows students to hear sounds and read and write words. It bypasses students in reading and makes reading a habit. It is a way to teach children to connect and read sounds. Our phonics program help to improves hearing and recognition of letter sounds, improve reading comprehension, and useful for reading difficult English word.

Cursive handwriting program is designed to improve handwriting aesthetics in an easy and fun way. Ocean Brain strives for each child to develop their own handwriting mode (general handwriting). Our cursive handwriting program aimed to teach scripts that make kids smarter, get a good score on the exam, and improves cognitive and motor skills.

Thank you so much and specially thanks to Mam Harsha. Appreciate your support during my child class . Once again thank you Mam Harsha.

Very proud! Thank you for your effort and good teaching. ???

Harsha ( Teacher ) is student friendly, have in-depth knowledge and exposure to deal with Student learning requirements. She is reliable, trustworthy and highly recommended for online and offline classes. My daughter is happy and she is slowly gearing up in the skill sets of Vedic maths learning..!

This writing class has made a huge difference. We bought workbooks and had him practicing everyday but could not see an improvement. We even tried sending him to expensive physical therapy sessions but nothing seemed to make a difference. After a few weeks of classes we are already seeing a big difference and his teacher has even noticed the difference. Thank you for the great program and great work you do.

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