How to write a thesis report for engineering?
How to write a thesis report for engineering?
Thesis writing is an important task assigned to the candidates pursing engineering. A thesis written reflects the ideas and concepts of author and his knowledge towards the idea being presented.

Brief highlights

  • Writing a well designed thesis report is of paramount significance for an academic researcher.
  • A thesis report should be able to clearly describe the reason of research or study conducted and the associated problems or challenges.
  • Besides discussing problems, a thesis should also emphasize on solution of the problem and discuss the progress made till date.
  • Thus a thesis need to well-planned and should be strictly adhering to the perception of its audience. 


thesis can be described as a written record of the academic work that has been assigned to a candidate. It can also be described as a means to communicate the ideas of author towards a particular technology that aims to fulfill the needs of academia industries. In some cases the thesis also discusses the obstructions or hindrances in the path of industries and provides an optimal solution to solve these problems. Hence, it can be asserted that a thesis is not only a technical document, but a means of communication to a particular segment of audience. Thus in order to reach those audiences it is imperative that the thesis should be well written and well planned (Husky 2018). This requires a thesis to follow a proper format and certain specifications mentioned by the concerned authorities. A thesis should hence include certain key headings that can be helpful for the audience in understanding the motive of writing that thesis.