How To Write A Dissertation In Business Management?
How To Write A Dissertation In Business Management?
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A Dissertation is an integral part of a Masters or PhD degree. A business management dissertation can be defined as an essential document that covers topics surrounding human resources, finance, accounting, supply chain, marketing, management, operations and other case studies related to the field.

While there are a vast segment of topics to be chosen and questions to be dealt, it is necessary to choose an issue that elevates awareness about the subject, offer answers and serve as an educational guide. It should be able to bring about a relevant breakthrough to the field.

It is immensely important to pay special attention to when drafting or writing the dissertation for business management subjects.



Steps To Be Followed For Writing A Dissertation For Business Management:

Selection Of Topic

The very first step before beginning the dissertation is selecting the topic. It is necessary to choose an appropriate topic that serves the purpose of the niche audience. Based on the same, the document will be structured further. For selection the topic, students must read a variety of journals, browse through articles on the internet, read previously published documents and thereby zero in on a topic that fit perfect for your dissertation.

Structuring The Document

After choosing the topic, the next aspect is structuring the document which is an important part of the process. It must serve the needs and objectives of communication and follow the format that is required for the niche field. This must include the following:


Provide a detailed summary of the topic of the arguments and information listed in the essay. The abstract must be concise, informative and provide the readers with a quick understanding of the dissertation.


Next To The Abstract Comes Introduction That Must Contain The Following:

  • Background of the author, members participating
  • What is the scope of the paper?
  • What is the purpose of conducting the dissertation?
  • What are the methodologies used?
  • What are the limitations? (If any)
  • What are the breakthroughs you have found out to cover the loopholes?

It is recommended to write the introduction after the completion of the dissertation, wherein you can get a complete understanding of what the project is about.

Body Of The Dissertation

The body structure must cover the topic in detail. It must be listed in a coherent and logical order that will allow the reader to read about the work step by step. These should include:

  • Details of the topics
  • Challenges encountered
  • Methodologies
  • Findings of the work.

It must highlight the key points, arguments and data to keep the reader engrossed.





The conclusion is written in the same lines as that of abstract and introduction. It must be written in a manner where it reinforces the main data to the reader. It should be written keeping in mind limitations and caveats for formulating the topic.

Citations And References

The business management dissertation must include citations and references giving credits to the sources from where it is taken. It will help make the document more authentic and genuine.



The end of the dissertation must include the annotated bibliography, if the chosen style recommends it, including information of all the sources from where information was taken and list for further reading on the subject.