How to start MPPSC preparation from zero level? Here is how to prepare for MPPSC
How to start MPPSC preparation from zero level? Here is how to prepare for MPPSC
Start your mpsc exam preparation from bottom level as beginner and coplete it with in a year to appear in the next exam, Here mppsc coaching in indore sharma academy is sharing the tips with you.

How to start MPPSC preparation from zero level? Here is how to prepare for MPPSC

If you have chosen to read it, then I think you want to start your MPPSC preparation strategy at an early level. I believe that the process of preparing for this exam can be life-changing for many people. By starting early, you give yourself an extra year for education, learning, experience, and maturity, which will provide this process. You may be thinking, how to start MPPSC preparation from zero level? let's find out.


MPPSC Preparation Strategy

There are four stages of MPPSC exam preparation:

·        General Studies, Static Parts

·        Current affairs

·        Writing skills

Now, let's handle them one by one.


1. General Studies:

Practically all this is challenging in the syllabus of MPPSC. It covers almost everything under the sky and at the same time requires some understanding and appreciation of concepts. This is very different from GK, and who cannot do this by reading the number of books of what kind. It is suggested that you should start immediately with this part as this is the part in which you need to put maximum time and effort as well as you will get maximum yield.

2. Current Affairs:

This may not be relevant to you right now, as is generally asked of news and events a year before the exam. But still, it would be appropriate that you start spending at least half an hour with The Hindu everyday. Just read it for fun with no agenda. This is one of the important parts of the MPPSC preparation strategy when you are starting from an early stage.

3. Writing skills or Essay writing:

This is the most important and the lowest aspect of the  Civil Services and MPPSC Preparation Strategy. In Maine, you are about to write subjective answers. Apart from this, you will also have to write an essay. For this one needs to be able to express oneself clearly and logically. This skill, contrary to popular belief, cannot be learned in a month or two. You need to start writing practice from now on so that it starts coming naturally to you, as in the exam, you don't get any time to think.

How to start preparing for MPPSC?

Every year, lakhs of aspirants appear for the Civil Services Examination. Many of them are in very preliminary stage so that they can prepare even better for MPPSC prelims and mains. You can start preparing for the exam directly from your home. There is no need to go out and search for mppsc coaching or search for MPPSC notes for your preparation. Everything can be done from your home. Let's see how to start preparing for MPPSC at home?

MPPSC MPPSC Preparation Books:

Whenever preparing for an examination, it is suggested tos tart by reading books. Even for MPPSC preparation, it is advisable to look for the best books and start going through them.

Get ideas about MPPSC syllabus:

You should understand from a very early stage that the MPPSC syllabus is very big. But don't worry. If you get an early start and follow the proper MPPSC preparation strategy, it will be a very easy journey. So, start collecting ideas about syllabus.

Make mental preparations:

If you have already started thinking about the exam then it can be considered that how much dedication you should have to prepare for this MPPSC. You have to cut a major time from your routine and dedicate yourself completely to the preparation of the exam. You have to prepare yourself to work hard. From creating a realistic MPPSC preparation strategy, staying updated with current affairs, analyzing exam patterns to sitting for a mock test, you have to do it all to make it through the exam with flying numbers.

Video Lecture:

Discover video lectures offered by experts. Go through those, learn more about the exam pattern and get a clear idea of ​​what to expect in the exam hall.

Download Supporting Apps:

These days, there are a lot of educational mobile applications available in the play store. Look for those apps which will keep you updated with daily current affairs and give relevant information about MPPSC exam.

Get help from a mentor:

It is very common that you may lose the guidelines for MPPSC preparation. This is where the need for guidance can be felt. You can ask for basic guidance from someone you know who has passed the exam or you can always enroll in some mppsc online coaching classes where you will be introduced to personal mentors.

Increase Communication Skills:

Even though the interview part is almost the last thing of the Civil Services Examination, but when you are starting early and you have got a lot of time for the actual exam, it is suggested that you should be in your MPPSC preparation strategy for the interview Must include gearing. Start by talking in front of a mirror, engaging in more public speaking. You can also consider joining communication classes where you can get feedback about your performance.


The conclusion

Clearing the MPPSC exam is not a cakewalk, it demands a high level of dedication and complete concentration. It is a good thing to start from the initial stage and prepare yourself according to the preparation strategy of MPPSC. The earlier you start, the better you can score in the exam. Look for the best books, find video tutorials, go through previous year question papers, practice writing and keep your confidence level high. So, how will you start preparing for MPPSC? Do you have any strategy? You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.