How to do answer writing practice for mppsc
How to do answer writing practice for mppsc
MPPSC mains is the second stage of PSC exam and based on answer writing skills if someone want to be select in mppsc they need to clear mppsc mains, sharing some mppsc mains answer writing practice by Sharma Academy MPPSC coaching in indore.

How to do answer writing practice for mppsc

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) conducts exams for various posts in state governmental departments. The exams take place annually. MPPSC (State Service Exam) is held in three stages – Prelims, Mains and Interview.

Generally, after prelims exam result announcement aspirants got 60 days to prepare for the Mains exam. These two months are going to be the most important days of your MPPSC mains preparation. In order to crack this, you need a robust mains study plan along with the relevant study material and mppsc notes.

Sharma Academy MPPSC Coaching in Indore presents, a special program for Answer Writing. To learn the approach of art of answer writing, they provide your gular classroom program with best guidance. Here you can get complete topic wise description of answers writing for MPPSC Mains exam.

1.      First of all, go with your syllabus.

2.      See all the topics.

3.      Read the Hindu so that you have fodder to write.

4.      Read NCERT of all subject (6 to 12)

5.      For History Spectrum/ TMH manual and NCERT insufficient and Google some topics especially MP related. Pratiyogita Nirdeshika magazine past 6 months issues

6.      For geography NCERT is sufficient and Lucent GK.

7.      For polity NCERT and polity

8.      Economics NCERT is sufficient and try to relate with current.

9.      Environment and science NCERT are sufficient and Google some topics

10.  For Hindi buy any good book like lucent for Hindi grammar.

11.  Writing is very important so write answers daily it will improve gradually.


Answer writing for mains –

The MPSC main exam consists of descriptive type of questions. It focusses on testing the candidate on various levels. The time limit for the essay paper is 2 hrs., we need to write 3 essays,

1. First Essay (1000 words Approx.)    50 Marks

2. Second Essay (250 words Approx.)    25 Marks

3. Third Essay (250 words Approx.)     25 Marks

Total   100 Marks

One common doubt that students have is with regard to the style of answering questions, whether to adopt the paragraph or the point style of answering questions. Though there is no set rule, it is wise to adopt a style depending on the question asked. If the question says to discuss, analyzer critically examine, it would be better to answer the question the paragraph format. On the other hand, if the question asks you to list the advantages or give reasons for/ against etc., it is better to go in for the point format of answering.



Short words for MPPSC

·        This exam needs hard work and full concentration of the aspirant.

·        For the mains descriptive paper first time read the books like novel and highlight the important point, after gape of 2-3 days again read the same book now concentrate on the highlights and point you made, when you will read it third time it is the time to summarize what you have studied. During the third reading glance through each chapter's highlighted part, try to relate the concepts you are studying to current affairs and connect the dots.

·        Be live in your self that you can do it because you are the only person who understand you well

·        Stay away from negative persons.

·        All the best for aspirants who are appearing in the MPPSC exam

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