How to Crack the UPSC Exam and train your mind to think like an IAS officer
How to Crack the UPSC Exam and train your mind to think like an IAS officer
Cracking the upsc exam is difficult but not impossible for one who is doing hard to clear it, thinking like an ias officer also help you to clear it.

How to Crack the UPSC Exam and train your mind to think like an IAS officer

Once you have decided that it the civil services that is your calling and you want to take it as career, it is time to start to train yourself.

Before you start your preparation seriously, you can start training yourself to think like an IAS officer. If you are successful, you will get an edge even before you start preparing.


How should an IAS officer be?

An IAS officer must think constitutionally, taking great care that opinion or prejudice about any issue does not dominate his opinion and judgment.

They must be neutral, impartial and follow the constitution. As an aspirant you should also aim to develop these qualities. Also, able to think, reason and gather knowledge. Unless you know, you cannot think, understand, and think about different ideas and arguments.

And if you don't argue impartially, you stand to lose. Be as knowledgeable as you can be, write and present your answers as much as you can, but if your opinion is about personal prejudice or non-objective and non-constitutional reasoning on the issues then you will lose with important points.


So how do you develop these skills?

  1. Diverse literature, decisions, news, and differing viewpoints. Then mix them all together and make your opinion and decision.
  2. When you read about the issues, try to analyze them from a social, political, and constitutional point of view. Keep up with the developments and analyze (and form your own opinion) what is happening with the Indian Constitution and justice for all. Then take your opinion and decision on this issue.
  3. Discuss your ideas with your teachers and peers. Reading and talking to knowledgeable people and even the common man broadens your horizons and your mind. Try and understand different perspectives. But remember not to be seduced by emotions.
  4. Try and pen your thoughts. When you see your ideas on paper, you will be able to better analyze the effectiveness of your approach.

Let me tell you that UPSC questions are multidimensional and each question involves many related issues. Unless you have the knowledge and ability to think and connect the points, you will not be able to pass the exam.

Make these habits yours now and forever.

If you concentrate thus, you can certainly train yourself to think like an IAS officer. Your knowledge and training will not only help you in preparing, but it will also help you prepare better answers in the main exam and interview.



Guide to crack the UPSC IAS Exam

The thing behind this is that it is very difficult for one who does not like to study for hours. Nevertheless, all can be forgotten before starting anew. This is an exam that can change life to a great extent even by just starting preparation.

If you pass the IAS, no one will point out your weaknesses, or that you have failed the degree college many times. You may be taunted for not supporting the family, or for not having a social reputation.

If you have not studied in the past, you can at least work hard for a better future.

#Tip 1 - Efforts

As far as candidates with a clean academic record are concerned, studying for them is not as big a task as it will be for you. You have a disadvantage, that you have not studied in the past, the reasons may be of a type.

But, to do this exam decently, you will need to put in extra effort, find an edge for yourself, strategize your studies, make a timetable and ensure that you follow it strictly. You can join any good upsc coaching in indore for your structured upsc preparation.


#Tip 2- Discipline

What you have not done in the last 15 years will be extremely difficult to do in a year or two, which is to 'get discipline'. Disciplining yourself is the hardest part, whatever it may be, especially in studies. To keep pace with others, you will have to study for 15 hours in 10 hours.

The best upsc coaching in indore says you must program your mind and body to work in that direction coherently. It obviously won't come in a day or two. There will be disappointment at every stage of preparation, but do not let it work against you. If you want to pass this exam, then bridging this gap should be paramount for everything else.


#Tip 3 - Motivation

Most clearing candidates have good academic records. Of course, there are some exceptions who have carved a niche for themselves in the IAS for nothing.

Read about such candidates for motivation, study tips, time, and money management etc. One person's method will not work for everyone, but you can learn from it and develop your own methods and strategies. You should also be aware of the UPSC exam pattern.


The conclusion

Also, you should also have a backup in terms of career. What if not a civil service exam? Because, Civil Services Examination is undoubtedly one of the toughest exams, and even harder given your track record. It will take effort, but it is certainly not impossible!

Find the best upsc coaching in indore to start your IAS exam preparation.