How Do I Choose The Right Online Class For My Children?
How Do I Choose The Right Online Class For My Children?
Many students want to master the English language. One reason for this is that some parents do not have time to teach their child, So their children's can join the creative writing class online. Write Edge specialises in English and Writing Classes. Build the foundation of the English language to help your child be more creative. Our tutors specialise in equipping students with English and writing techniques.

Tips To Choose Right Online Class For Your Children!

Finding good online tuition for primary school students has become more important, especially when life seems to be transitioning more and more into the digital world. Virtual classes, even for primary school tuition, are becoming more commonplace. With so many choices available, how can you determine which education centre or programme is the best fit for your child? Read on for some pointers to look out for on your search!

4 Tips on How to Choose the Right Online Tuition

1. Course Content

One of the biggest concerns for most parents when selecting a programme is the content covered throughout the course. Ideally, the class should balance:

Being geared towards exam-preparedness.

Nurturing your child in skills that they can use even in daily life.

Having classes online should be no different! The best online programmes deliver the same quality offered in physical classrooms. At Write Edge, for instance, we ensure that the standard of our content, structured material, and unique teaching methods are not compromised in the shift to the digital. The skills and pedagogy taught in our in-person classes are replicated in our online programme, so there is no need to worry about students falling behind peers who physically attend classes.

2. Structure of classes

Aside from content, good online programmes leverage on available technology to empower and engage students, while remaining accessible.

A good blend of tools used throughout the course – such as quizzes, Zoom sessions with dedicated teachers, structured material, and even fun activities – can enhance the online learning experience for your child. How is class time utilised to maximise learning in an enjoyable, engaging way for your child? Do the courses you’re eyeing utilise these features to complement their pedagogy? While it might appear trivial, this can make a world of difference to help students feel engaged and supported throughout their journey. Interactive Zoom lessons, for instance, can make learning fun, and through this, key knowledge is more easily retained.

3. Student Support

On that note, another crucial way students can feel supported in their learning is whether they have access to resources and guidance from teachers. Structured, personalised assistance from teachers is essential to a child’s growth, well-being and understanding of the material. It can be a major confidence boost to know there is a teacher looking out for you and your success!

To address this, the online English classes for kids at Write Edge provide on-the-spot marking during Zoom lessons and detailed feedback on homework, as with our in-person classes. This is so that students will be able to understand, rather than simply memorise, what makes good writing techniques, how to correct the errors they made and how to be the very best they can be!

4. Accessibility Of Platform

Technology is the final piece of the puzzle in your search for a suitable online English tuition programme for your child. After all, given that virtually all the student’s learning will be done digitally, it’s only logical to ensure that the platform(s) available serve to supplement, rather than detract from, your child’s experience.

Here are some questions to bear in mind when assessing whether a particular online class is the best fit for your child:

  • What kind of platform is used to conduct classes and/or disseminate information?
  • Is it a central system, user-friendly and easy to navigate?
  • Are the teaching materials readily available for easy reference?
  • Can students revisit and trawl through content at their own pace?

The principal advantage of virtual lessons is its flexibility, where learning and revision can be done anytime, anywhere, at the student’s preferred pace. The platform, like Write Edge’s dedicated digital learning platform WELearn Portal, should be able to make full use of this asset to reinforce the student’s positive learning experience.

Finally, with all that has been said, every child’s academic journey is different. One method of instruction could work wonders for one student but be less effective for another. Ultimately, the most important question to ask when identifying a good programme (online or not) is:

“Does this programme address my child’s learning needs?”

When searching for the most suitable online tuition for your primary school student at home, we hope these 4 practical tips can help you get a sense of whether a particular programme may be an effective tool to boost their learning. We would always be happy to help!

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