Government Schools Issues
Government Schools Issues
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Here's I would like to take your attention towards the opinion of the public for Govt. school in Delhi. Actually, nobody wants to admit their child in a govt. school. The quality of education provided by the govt. schools always remain in question Delhi Govt. schools have been in discussion due to shortage of teachers, infrastructural gaps, unhygienic food, and many other reasons. 


Performance Govt Schools


We often listen to complaints of govt. school students that they were beaten by the teachers mercilessly. Further, absence of teachers in govt. schools have always been a reason for the low performance of students. No need to mention that more than 100 students are accommodated in one classroom which didn’t have more than 20-30 benches.


Some teachers throw shoes at students for pointing out their mistakes. Others are beaten up for using the teachers’ toilets. The court was also hearing a PIL which raised issues ranging from corporal punishment to infrastructure and quality of teaching in the schools run by the government. The court said at present, the students and parents could only complain to the principal of the school regarding corporal punishment. “If a poor man’s child is beaten at school, how will the child register a complaint?” asked the court. The Bench also ordered the government to come up with an “alternate mechanism for complaints” after the amicus told the court that the school principals themselves had been involved in brutally beating up the children on a number of occasions. On the other hand, many Non-government organizations rejuvenate education in Delhi. You can get benefits from NGOs to improve quality education and skill development.