Studio Living-Storage Ideas>>>
Studio Living-Storage Ideas>>>
Studio Living-Storage Ideas>>>

Studio Living-Storage Ideas

A basic interior design concept for small studio apartments ideas is to fit storage on the walls as far as possible in order to free floor space for general living. Wall systems ranging from pockets and adjustable shelves to peg-boards, brackets and butcher's hooks can be fitted onto any available wall space using appropriate fixings. Vertical Wall-hung letter or magazine racks are practical and space-saving and can be fixed at any height, in any area of the room. For maximum interior design flexibility look for adjustable, wall-hung shelving units. The range of materials in which these systems are available in, or that can be fabricated from are almost limitless. Natural Maplewood to create that soft earth look or high-tech stainless steel or aluminum are just some of the choices to make your shelving decorative and practical at the same time.


When space is limited, modular stacking units provide a neat solution to storage problems. Whether you opt for the simple method of piling matching boxes, baskets, tins, or crates on top of each other, or invest in a customized unit to suit your interior design ideas or space requirements, stacking systems provide one of the most efficient ways of fitting the maximum amount of storage into even the most restricted space. Plastic storage units are the most lightweight and least expensive in modular stacking or mobile trolley storage systems available on the market. Units can be added on as required. If your studio room design scheme is more natural and homely, then wicker baskets are the ideal storage system to use.


Hanging wardrobes are just one of the wide and ingenious range of storage containers made from cotton or canvas. Many of these products are ideal for small-space living: they are inexpensive, adaptable in their use and they can be fitted into odd corners. Fabric wall pockets and hanging 'shelves' are particularly useful for storing small items in an organized way. Some of the latest studio design ideas are made from canvas or cotton, full length, zippered wardrobes. Using a lightweight steel frame, canvas is fitted and zips on the sides to open and close your wardrobe.


For a more permanent storage facility built-in storage can be used. To be successful, built-in storage should merge unobtrusively into the structure of the interior. The first studio apartment interior design is to locate all unused spaces. If the room has high ceilings, consider constructing a false, suspended ceiling that will provide a large 'attic' space; in the same way, useful under-floor storage can be created by raising the floor level. False walls, lined with shelving and cupboards, can hold a vast amount of storage, especially if teamed with pull-out fittings.


Remember, that 'stickability' is the guiding principle when looking for storage containers. You may choose units in a style and finish appropriate to your interior design schemes, but space is still the number one determining factor. Salvaging sturdy, second-hand cabinets from offices and shops is an excellent way to cut costs. As far as possible use 'dead' and wasted space. Clutter in any home is always a problem even more so in studio living - a well thought out storage plan will go a long way in making your small spaced studio environment a comfortable and pleasant existence.