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Amidst all novel innovation taking place in the automotive industry, a few evergreen car components still hold their ground, namely a steering wheel, doors, door handles, windshield, back glass, carglass. The windshield is a multi-functional unit of any vehicle.  It allows the driver to have an uninterrupted view of their surroundings so that they can be fully aware whilst on the road.


It also serves a protective function in the car by ensuring the safety of the passengers in multiple ways. It prevents the passengers from getting harmed from any external factors, such as weather conditions, dust and debris. It is also made by using toughened glass, so that it doesn’t shatter easily, adding a protective layer to the car. Even if the toughened windshield of a car does shatter, it breaks into small pebble-like pieces, which are not sharp and prevent any injuries unlike the sharp shards of normal annealed glass. 


Hazards of Driving with a Broken Windshield


Neglecting windshield replacement can lead to the following hazards –


Reduced Visibility

One of the most important functions of an effective windshield is to provide the driver with clear view of the surroundings. If the glass gets cracked or is broken, it hampers the vision of the driver, especially if the damage is in their line of sight. Moreover, driving with a cracked windshield becomes extremely difficult in bad weather conditions and low light.


Being in constant contact with dust and debris, the surface of the glass might get pitted. Pitted glass reflects light in a manner that it causes blinding, disturbing the driver’s vision. And the adverse effects such blinding can have on the driver’s ability to drive safely are self-evident. Hence, windshield replacement is imperative.


Compromised Structural Integrity

The Windshield adds to the structural integrity of the vehicle. The strong framework supports the roof and prevents it from caving in on the event of any accidents. However, a cracked or damaged windshield is weaker in nature and may not be able to provide the necessary support.


Airbag Malfunction

Airbags protect the passengers from getting injured as a result of hitting the steering wheel or the dashboard in case of any accidents. One of the most important functions of the windshield is proper deployment of airbags. It allows the airbags to deploy in a proper manner so as to cushion the passengers when the need arises. A damaged or incorrectly installed windshield will not be strong enough to provide adequate support needed for airbag deployment, leading to a malfunction.


Water Leaks

A good quality windshield protects the passengers from rainwater or dew. However, if the windshield is cracked, water may seep in causing damp interiors. This further leads to development of mould and mildew which will ruin the interiors of your vehicle. It might even harm the electrical components and upholstery.


Risk of Ejection

We wear seatbelts in cars to prevent ourselves from getting ejected from the vehicle during any collision or impact. The windshield also helps prevent ejection due to its strong nature. If you’re not wearing a seatbelt due to any reason, the windshield offers you protection. It acts like an added protective layer to prevent any fatal injuries. If you do not opt for timely windshield replacement cash back, you might just put yourself and those travelling with you in your car at the risk of being ejected from the vehicle in case of an impact.