What are the common Types and Applications of Machine Screws?
What are the common Types and Applications of Machine Screws?
DIC Fasteners is a Machine Screws Supplier and Exporter in various countries. Machine screws are widely used to hold parts together in different types of machines such as electronics, engines, and huge industrial manufacturing equipment. Our machine screws are available in various head styles, materials, and sizes depending on the specific application. Apart from standard sizes we also provide non-standard sizes as per customer requirement.

           A Machine Screw is a type of precision fastener that is used to connect two or more objects. The machine screws are unique, because of their sizes. Machine Screws come in various head types such as pan head, flat head, round head, oval head, truss head, and hex head. Round head screws are most often used screws while flat head screws are specifically used screws. 


Machine screws have a wide range of uses. Machine screws can be either coarse-threaded or fine-threaded, and they are usually available in various head types. The machine screw offers a solid and reliable connection between two metal and other material pieces. In addition to it, machine screws may be used in construction in place of conventional bolts. 


Common Machine Screw Head Types:


* Pan Head Machine Screw: A type of machine screw comes with a flat, circular head. A pan head machine screw has a smooth edge for extra safety and better appeal. The pan head screws are commonly used in automotive parts and industry. 


* Flat Head Machine Screws: These screws are also known as countersunk screws and pointed machine screws. Flat head screws are typically used for furniture, Handrails, and lighting fixtures. 


* Round Head Machine Screws: Round head screws have a large domed head. These screws require extra grip while adjusting. These screws are commonly used for Machinery. 


* Oval Head Machine Screws: These screws are also known as raised countersunk head screws. These screws have a rounded top surface and conical bearing surface. These screws are often used in switch construction, particularly when a decorative finish is required. 


* Hex Head Machine Screws: Hex head machine screws sometimes called set screws, usually is a type that is closely related to traditional bolts. These screws are usually offered in small sizes.