Know About The Cost And Features To Build Event Ticket Booking App
Know About The Cost And Features To Build Event Ticket Booking App
Online ticket booking mobile app development helps you retain your customers through easy options to book their seats in advance or even last minute.

Digitalization has introduced major changes to our lives, the way we do a lot of activities. For example, ordering food, buying clothes, gifts, flowers online, etc. Similarly, we book tickets too through online sites. Hence, on-demand app development solutions are boon to the ticket booking sector as well.

If you are into business related to event ticket booking, the trend to book event tickets online can drive you to get an app for your business. Today, customers rely on apps for ticket booking. If you want to invest in online event management app development, knowing about the features and cost of the event ticket booking app would be helpful, so, read through this blog to gather the details.

Workflow of Event Ticket Booking App

Here is how the event ticketing booking app works:

  • Users can download the event booking app on their mobile phone

  • They will get a list of events on the listing page

  • On this page, they can choose the event they are interested in and book the seat according to their preference.

  • After booking the seats, they can make the payment to purchase the tickets.

  • Now, the tickets can be downloaded through an app or email

  • Some apps also send a message to the registered phone numbers of the users to confirm the tickets

Why Event Ticket Booking App Development Is Important?

It is important to improve flexibility and manage the whole ticket booking process flawlessly. Yes, an event ticket booking app allows you to get complete control over the business.

Also, you can allow users to book tickets for different events remotely using your app.

Today, when a lot of activities can be performed online, ticket booking online facilitates users to book tickets for their favorite events. They make sure that the event is not missed out on.

When people are shifting towards online booking for event tickets, you can also leverage this opportunity by going with event booking app development services.

So, let us understand the advantages of the event ticket booking app before we learn about the cost and features of your white label ticket booking app.

Advantages of The Event Ticket Booking App For Users

  • Users can make bookings to avoid last-minute hassles

  • They can save a lot of time booking the tickets online

  • Simple cancellation process

  • Flexible payments

  • Affordable prices

Advantages of The Event Ticket Booking App For Organizers

  • They can save cost and time

  • Reach a large audience as they get to know about the event. It boosts more people attending a particular event

  • Process the payment faster

  • Manage the entire process swiftly

  • Offer round the clock services

  • Get business insights in real-time

  • Boost team productivity

  • Facilitate organized vendor management

  • Reduce overall workload

  • Manage budget for the event

  • Paperless planning for the events

  • Offer easy planning for the event schedule.

Business Models Adopted To Monetize Your Event Ticket Booking Application

For any business to generate revenue, they need to adopt the relevant business model. So, make sure you decide on the monetization strategies before hiring event booking app development services. Let us have a look at the monetization strategies that most event booking apps apply to make profits

Special Screening Charges

Well, some ticket booking app solutions offer a special screening option for their users. But, for this facility, the users need to pay additional charges. It can help your app generate revenues when the users request special screening.

Feature Coverage

A lot of event booking apps let certain events be displayed on the top of the homepage. Certainly, this facility can be availed by paying some amount. The charges are on the higher side so it can be the perfect option to add to your revenue.

3rd-Party Ads

It is one of the common and effective monetization strategies for apps to earn profits. It is displaying the advertisements of different businesses on your app. You can charge other businesses to display their ads on your app.

Per Ticket Charges

Certainly, the more the ticket bookings, the more the revenues for event organizers. You can pay a fixed amount to the event organizers against each ticket booked.

Must-have Features To Integrate Into Your Event Ticket Booking App

User Panel Features

  • Registration & Log-in

  • Location

  • Filters

  • Show Listings

  • Show Detail

  • Ticket Booking

  • Booking history

Event Organizer panel Features

  • Details of Attendees

  • Real-Time Insights

  • Ticket Booking and Cancellations

  • Live Announcements

  • Add/Edit events

Admin Panel Features

Certainly, the ticket booking app development services you hire would suggest to you some advanced features to be integrated into your mobile app development solution to make the app unique and competitive. Here are some of those features

  • Booking Engines

  • Booking Confirmation

  • Home Screen

  • Event Map

  • Bar Code Scanner

  • WhatsApp Booking feature

  • In-app Chat Support

What Is the Technology Stack Required For Event Ticket Booking App Development?


  • Hosting: Amazon EC2

  • Push Notifications: Firebase Development,, Twilio

  • Content delivery network: Amazon CloudFront/ Cloudflare

  • Payments: Stripe, Braintree & PayPal, Netbanking

  • EWallets,

  • SMS, Voice & Phone Verification: Twilio, Nexmo

  • Database: HBase, Postgress, MongoDB, Cassandra

  • Cloud Environment: Google, AWS, Azure

  • Email: Mail Chimp Integration

  • Real-time Analytics: Spark, Hadoop, Cisco, Apache Flink, IBM

  • UI: BootStrapJS, ReactJS

  • Load Balancer: Nginx

  • Messaging queue: AWS Simple Queue System

  • Map Navigation: Google Map

  • Caching: Hazelcast

  • Code Repository: Git

Team Members

For all mobile app solutions, the assistance of talented and dedicated team members is a must-have. This helps shape your vision and introduce it to the actual world. Well, who are the team members you need to work on your project?

  • iOS app developers

  • Project manager

  • Android app developers

  • Front end developers

  • UI/UX Experts

  • Backend developers

  • QA experts

  • Requirement analysts

What Would Be The Cost To Build An Event Booking App?

The event ticket booking app development cost depends on several factors and these factors directly influence the development cost. Here are some of the factors to check out for:

  • Platforms used to build the app