How to Build a Winter Running Wardrobe From The Ground Up
How to Build a Winter Running Wardrobe From The Ground Up
Winter running is its own beast, and your winter running wardrobe takes some planning. This is the perfect opportunity to practice the art of layering. From your base layer on top down to your running shoes with grippy soles, you’ll want to stay warm but comfortable with the right apparel and shoes. Stretchy performance fabrics, flat seams and cozy materials can help you perform your best.

Layering is going to be your secret for staying warm and comfortable during your winter runs. It takes some planning and maybe a bit of trial and error to make sure you’re dressed to match the conditions. Don’t let the swirling snow or cold temps keep you from enjoying your outdoor runs. Here are some essential tips for building some top-notch running outfits this winter.

Pants or Running Tights

Full-length men’s running tights or womens workout leggings are an important piece of the puzzle when you’re running outdoors in 20-to-40-degree weather. Look for form-fitting, supportive fabric that wicks sweat away from your skin and is designed with flat seams to avoid a potentially uncomfortable fit. A side stash pocket is another great feature to look for. Some people like to run in three-quarter tights when the temperatures are around 40 or 50 degrees. You might prefer to run in slim-fit pants with pockets instead. It’s definitely up to your personal preference, but no matter what you choose, you don’t want your legs to feel cold out there.

Running Shoes and Socks

During the winter, you’ll do best with lightweight running shoes made with grippy soles and responsive cushioning. If you’re running in inclement weather, you might consider using a traction device on the bottom of your shoes to help avoid slipping, especially if the conditions are wet or icy. Running socks with mesh panels for airflow are also perfect. Some socks even offer reflective details on the back of the top hem, which can help you be as visible as possible if you’re running at night or in the early morning.

Reflective Details

Speaking of night-running or low-lit conditions, consider incorporating reflective details into all your running apparel and shoes. Running gear made with reflective features built into the design can help drivers see you better and give you space on the road. Winter means shorter days, so you’ll likely find yourself running in the dark at some point this season. Be safe and plan your running outfit accordingly.

Comfortable Base Layer on Top

When it comes to a base layer, search for soft, stretchy performance fabric with flat seams and tagless labels for distraction-free comfort. This layer should feel light and soft against your skin. You may prefer a long-sleeve base layer if the weather is especially chilly. It also helps to tuck your base layer into your bottoms to help you stay warm and protected from the wind.

Cozy Mid-layer on Top

A mid-layer comes next, and it should probably be the warmest layer you wear on top. This layer does most of the work to help trap the warmth naturally created by your body. You’ll want to choose an innovative piece that’s soft and warm. You might like something like an advanced cotton fleece hoodie with a kangaroo pocket on the front.

Protective Outer Layer

Your outer layer is what protects you from the elements. There’s nothing worse than feeling the wind cut all the way to your core, so choose a shell or windproof jacket that excels at keeping the wind at bay. Your jacket also keeps the precipitation off your insulating mid-layer. You’ll need to experiment with your layers to see what works for the other pieces in your collection. Often, it can depend on the weather conditions of the day and the distance you’re planning to run.

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