Discover The Top On-Demand App Ideas Of 2022 To Run A Profitable Business Venture
Discover The Top On-Demand App Ideas Of 2022 To Run A Profitable Business Venture
The on-demand delivery mobile app can help you get almost everything to cleaning services, food, taxi, etc. To offer different services and products, start-ups and businesses are investing in application development to give wings to their on-demand app ideas.

When on-demand startup ideas getting so popular across the world for quite some time now, if you are planning to shape your business idea, then on-demand service apps can help you generate money.

Well, today every one of us prefers ordering any product or service online. This has helped start-ups invest in on-demand app development services to offer their services or products.

Technology has made it easy for us to meet urgent or essential needs on day to day basis. For example, plumbing or cleaning services, doctors online, food services, and many more

Statistics - On-Demand Business

  • The on-demand sector is driving the attention of more than 22.4 million users/industry annually.

  • 2019 witnessed a revenue generation of US$ 32.9 Billion for the On-Demand Video Industry.

  • The on-demand food delivery sector earned $ 19.5 Billion in the USA itself in 2019.

This blog will help you know about the profitable and top 18 on-demand app ideas for your business

Trending On-Demand Mobile App Ideas

Certainly, the on-demand app is based on the service you wish to offer to your clients. Still, some of the trending on-demand ideas that you can choose from are:

1. On-Demand Taxi App

When people couldn’t move out of their house during the corona pandemic, taxi apps like Lyft or Uber were also affected. But, the pandemic is not going to stay forever and people will start traveling again using taxi-booking apps. This is because an on-demand taxi app offers convenience.

In case you are planning to invest money and optimize this idea, you need to invest in on-demand taxi booking app development services to start your business and generate profits from online taxi booking services.

2. On-Demand Healthcare Service Apps

Health care services are an integral part of our lives and we always need them urgently to treat any health ailment. With an on-demand healthcare service app, you can book an appointment with the doctor you need a consultation with, schedule nursing services, get medical tests done, or order medicines right at home.

3. Pharmacy Delivery Apps


When we had to stay indoors during pandemics on-demand apps helped us stay indoors and get everything at our doorsteps and amongst the most essential services were medicines. With on-demand medicine delivery app development you can start your medicine delivery business and help people get medicines delivered on time.

4. On-demand Laundry Apps

One of the most essential services - laundry has become easier than before. On-demand laundry services are helping many people meet their laundry and dry cleaning needs.

5. On-Demand Video Streaming Apps

Today, entertainment is not limited to TV shows, CDs, etc. Now you can re-define your entertainment with on-demand video streaming apps and watch your favorite movies, shows, and series online. So investing in video streaming app development can be a good idea to run a successful business.

6. On-Demand Learning Apps

Planning to learn something new? You would need an expert teacher or trainer. Finding teachers/students is no more a cumbersome task with on-demand e-learning apps. The transformation in the education industry has made many start-ups and enterprises focus on e-learning app development to build educational on-demand apps to connect teachers and students.

7. On-demand Payment Wallet App

Everyone is moving towards cashless transactions. CashApp and Paypal are the big players proving this app idea worth investing in. You can also hire e-Wallet app development services to build scalable on-demand wallets with relevant features.

8. On-demand Car Wash App


Well, a car wash is something you want to schedule regularly. For a car owner, it is not easy to find a car wash center nearby. Of course, washing a car on your own can be time-consuming or you may not be able to do it regularly.

For such car owners, you can build an on-demand car wash app to help several users book appointments for car wash using their smartphones.

9. On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps

Today, users prefer getting everything at their doorsteps. Groceries are amongst the other essentials we order online. With on-demand grocery apps gaining popularity these days, app users simply order groceries to save time and money. You can invest in on-demand grocery delivery app development or on-demand delivery app cloneto turn your app idea into a profitable business venture.

10. On-demand Flight Booking App

Smartphone apps have helped the travel industry flourish consistently. With app development, the business operations have been automated.

When it comes to flight booking setup, it is easy to book your flight according to your convenience. The best thing is that you save on money that otherwise you have to pay to the travel agent.

If you are thinking of creating a feature-rich flight booking app integrated with a weather forecast, reward system, etc, the chances of succeeding in a highly competitive market become easier.

11. On-demand Ridesharing Apps

Now traveling from one place to another has become a hassle-free process. More and more people rely on travel apps to enjoy their rides. So, this is the right time to think about and invest in ride-sharing app development services to make the most of this growing industry

If you consider this service from a business point of view then you can create ride-sharing apps like taxi booking apps, bicycle apps, e-scooter apps, etc

12. On-demand Doctor Booking App

Health ailments can leave you in a panicky situation. Some emergency conditions may stop you from visiting a nearby clinic. In such cases with an on-demand doctor booking app, you can get in touch with the doctor through video or voice call and seek consultation from the doctor immediately.

13. On-demand Dog Walking Apps

Many people in the USA own a dog and taking care of pets in a hectic schedule becomes worrisome for the pet owner. Now, most pet owners are opting for pet care services using on-demand dog walking apps.So this can be a wonderful idea to offer pet care services to your clients.

14. On-demand House Cleaning Apps

Keeping your house can be a challenging task when you have a busy schedule. Well, the cleaning professional can help you keep your house/office clean. As a business owner if you are looking to leverage from cleaning services then having a home cleaning services app can help you offer cleaning services to your clients and make money.

15. On-demand Plumbing Apps

Finding a reliable plumber is no more a cumbersome task. No more waiting for plumbers to repair your running tap etc. With online apps finding a plumber is easier than before.

16. On-demand Mechanics Apps

Connect car owner and mechanic. While traveling to different places, car issues do happen. You need immediate services from professional services to fix the problem. With a mechanic app with unique features, you can hire professional mechanics to help you run your business smoothly.

17. On-demand Plant Delivery Apps

If you are a plant lover or want to help people buy plants for their house or office to contribute to the environment then on-demand plant delivery apps can be among your profitable on-demand e-commerce app development ideas you may like to consider. These apps help people find the right plant they wish to buy.

18. On-demand Beauty Service Apps

Thinking about investing in one of the best startup ideas 2022, then a beauty home service app can be the best idea to go with. When a lot of people prefer beauty services at home to save traveling to a salon, you can develop your white-label salon app development to offer salon services right at home to earn from this scalable business model.

What Would Be The Cost To Create An On-Demand Service App?

The on-demand app development cost differs with the platform chosen and features integrated into the app. Other main factors that decide the cost of on-demand mobile app development arepremium APIs, design, and technologies used. The costs for a basic app will cost you around $6000 to $8000

Want To Build An On-Demand App For Your Business?

If you have an on-demand mobile app development idea in your mind, connect with Apps on Demand And we will help you get your on-demand delivery app white label development solution to deliver a robust app for your business.

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