“Creating Intentions for your Business”- Virtual Assistant
“Creating Intentions for your Business”- Virtual Assistant
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“Creating Intentions for your Business”- Virtual Assistant

“The right Virtual Assistant creates the intention of your clients, the intention to pick you out among the rest and consummate the products and services you are offering. And that is absolutely 'Me'.”

Having a virtual assistant is always a good idea. A good virtual assistant takes care of administrative tasks for you. A good virtual assistant can get your message across the social media platforms and your target community. A good virtual assistant makes your business really standout. Your presence is assured. You have that coveted time for yourself while running your business because your virtual assistant got you covered. But what else do you think a VA can do for you? The right VA creates the intentions of your clients, the intention to pick you out among the rest and consummate the products and services you are offering. Now, that’s what the right VA can create for you. 

Hi. I am Alyssa and creating intentions in your clients is something I want to do for you. Are you selling certain products online? Then, let us make your target market land on your site and start shopping! Are you offering services and classes? Then let us make them book a seat and invite others. Do you want to gain readers, viewers and subscribers? Let’s get those people viewing and subscribing to your posts, videos and pages! Let’s not make them leave without their great comments and suggestions. What do you want your target audience to do? What really is it that you want them to do to make your business succeed? Let me know and let’s make it happen!

Maintaining the consumers for my clients’ businesses has been the best occupation for me for more than a year now. I have been a happy VA for several businesses, coaches and social media movers and motivators. As an administrative assistant, I have done Web Research, Data Entry, Email Tasks, Calendar Handling, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing and Management, Chat Support, and  even Audio and Video Transcription for my clients. I helped them save time in completing their day-to-today managing tasks, while getting things rolling and organized. As a graphic designer, I have created content on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest. And as a social media manager, I did research on the best community management platform to vamp up my clients’ online presence, and attract, stir up and maintain an active community for their businesses and interests. Getting all these tasks done and learning nonstop is like an adventure. You cannot wait for the next one! So, I’m looking forward to working with people like you, too, knowing that I would be gaining more experience, tackling new challenges, as I contribute in bringing in sales and results on the table. 

Why do I enjoy creating intentions for my clients’ market all this time? It’s from being guaranteed of their satisfaction and recommendations. What more can I ask for? Moving people’s businesses to attain the best results and being part of their success have been rewarding!  Now, shall we get down to business? Let’s put the spotlight on your business and make your target community gear towards you and let your business be their only intention.


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