12 Best Business Ideas You Can Start in 2024 With Almost No Money
12 Best Business Ideas You Can Start in 2024 With Almost No Money
Looking for the best business ideas to start with little or no money? Good, you have come to the right place then!

Whether you own a unique business idea or hunting for one, here is a list of the 12 best business ideas to start in 2024. Let’s get started!


Business persons from different backgrounds and localities of the world start their businesses with some specific motives. Some of them have brand new ideas and some work on the existing ones with the latest and updated solutions. The main objective is to earn profits, no matter how you begin your business or at what size. You can survive in this digitally evolving world only if you have the right business ideas with the right strategy. 

But, the upfront costs are the major reason that people often take to step back from their entrepreneurial journey. But this is not a major problem for today as there are many small business ideas that you could take ahead with little or no money. 

So, scroll through this list of the 12 best business ideas to start in 2024 and turn your dreams into reality!

Which business idea one can start in 2024 with little or no money?

With all the business parameters in mind, here are some of the best business ideas to give a try, especially for beginners who are searching for one. 

Digital Marketing

More and more businesses are opting for the online world as people are inclined towards online platforms. That’s why all sorts of businesses are finding their ways to make an interesting online presence through digital marketing. To opt for a digital presence, businesses are looking for marketing services. 

Being a digital market service provider, you can help other companies advertise their products and services on online platforms. It includes:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Management of social media ads

  • Growing businesses with social campaigns. 

If you have even a little interest in such kinds of services, you can jump right into digital marketing. To be in such a space, you can make a blog for yourself first. Then, you can easily display your digital skills here to attract visitors. Once you start a small digital marketing business, you can give freelancing services too. In this digitally evolving era, digital marketing services can be one of the growing online business ideas

Cloud Kitchen 

Also known as ghost kitchen, dark kitchen, or virtual kitchen is a sort of professional food preparation facility to deliver meals. This is one of the cheapest ways to start food services without having any physical restaurant space. 

A cloud kitchen is a sort of centralized kitchen where your food brand operates and prepares meals, especially for delivery or takeaway orders. Such orders are placed through apps or any online platform. 

If you have a love for cooking and want to make it a career option, cloud kitchen is one of the best business ideas to try with very little money. Apart from investment benefits, there are other reasons to opt for such a business:


  • Less overhead expenses

  • Location flexibility

  • You can work for multiple brands

Sell Your Creations or Designs

Another one of the best business ideas that requires a little upfront charge is selling your designs and creations. In this era, there is a huge print demand for businesses. People are more inclined towards customization for every little thing, be it bags, caps, hoodies, shirts, shoes, etc. 

If you are a creative person and you know how you can craft things, you can turn your creative art into business and sell it as a print-on-demand service. For instance, you can create personalized t-shirts or shoes. 

There are many freelancing platforms, like, Fiverr, 99Designs, and Upwork, etc. that give you such opportunities. Further, you can transform this skill into a fully professional course too. Hence, with almost zero investment, you can make your own business and act like a boss. 

Financial Services

People from all walks of life have realized the importance of money management, especially after the pandemic hit the world and made our lives unstable. This is where financial services come into the picture and make their place on the list of best business ideas to start today. 

The major earning aspect of financial services comes from brokerage and transaction fees. As per reports, the investment sector made revenue around $7.8 billion in 2019. Such a huge number is enough to make it a lucrative business. 

There are mainly two ways to be a financial services professional, one is to start a financial planning company and the other is to become a financial advisor to suggest people on money management things. You can make this industry a good income source if you have even a little knowledge about it. 

Photography Business

Everybody loves to display nice photos to the world in this social media era. This is the reason, professional photographers are earning more and more like any other top business. There are some world-level photographers, like Cindy Sherman and Annie Leibovitz who make something around $400,000 in a year. 

The best thing about a photography business is that it requires a little investment cost. To start with it, you need a good-quality camera, and great photography skills. 

You can easily promote photography services on different social media platforms in the beginning and start earning. You can start this business idea from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to have a business space to start it. 

Courier Services

Online shopping trends have reached a new height, especially after COVID-19 hit the world. That’s why courier services are making a huge amount of profit as everybody loves to shop online from their comfort zone. Another reason, apart from online shopping trends, is the love for ordering food online that people do globally. 

If you start your courier business and work hard and hard to become a reliable player in this industry, you may get hired by big companies, like, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. You can offer lower prices as compared to your competitors to make your services more affordable. 

But remember, if you want to go long in this race, you should make rapid progress with quick deliveries because people hate late deliveries. So, be quicker and affordable to be the king of this industry. 

Personal Trainers

People have no or less time for their well-being in this digital era, so they opt for personal training at home. This is where personal training services come into play. As its demand is growing, it is considered to be one of the fastest-growing businesses. 

With personal training at home, people can save time traveling to a studio or a gym, and on the other hand, you can save money on infrastructure and space. What else can be better than turning your love for fitness into a good profit-generating career option? 

If people get to save traveling time and get personal training time, they are ready to pay more. To start with this business idea, you can advertise your training services in local parks, community centers, and on social media platforms. 

Property Caretaker or Management Services

Giving property care services is another best business idea that you can start with little money. You can start this business in different ways. Like, you can start your property management services or you can work for others as a part-time property manager and collect knowledge about this business. 

This management business does not mean you are required to purchase property and do caretaking. You can always search for potential clients, like, residents who are relocating soon, or contractors who can get you clients. 

Such businesses don’t require you to have a college degree, but in some States or areas, authorities can ask you to get a property management license. So, before jumping into this business, you are required to keep a check on guidelines. 

Teach Online Courses

Online course teaching is another good business idea to make money without investing much money. Many people have an interest in teaching online courses they are good at, but they don’t find many opportunities to make it happen. And many others have hesitated to leave their present career to become full-time teachers.

So, if you lie in any of the cases, and need an extra income source, online courses are the best options. You need to make a digital classroom and have a good knowledge of the course you are teaching. The best part is you can select a course as per your interest and post it on different online channels. But remember, you have to be patient while opting for this business idea as you may not get many students to start. So, if you teach well and work hard, you have enough opportunities to grow. 

An Online Store

In this era of digital shopping, starting your online shop is a great idea to be on the path of entrepreneurship. Whether you are interested in making your products or selling already manufactured products, you can get huge traffic with potential customers. 

You can consider dealing in general products and make them available online on an e-commerce store. You can opt for e-commerce websites to sell the products or make a strong presence through social media. You can jump into this business with Shopify and WC concepts. 

Professional Cleaning Services

You must have heard about services, like Urban Clap that deal in providing at-home services, including cleaning. People are busier than ever in their corporate jobs and other professions to save some time for cleaning and maintaining their homes. This is the space where such business ideas flourish without much investment. 

You can opt for a professional cleaning services business in two ways:

  • You can make your team have transport means. 

  • You can also provide individual services or have people in third-party roles. 

All these things depend upon your budget and efforts. Like many other startup ideas, this too would need an LLC license and verification check. 

Pet Handling and Grooming Services

Your love for animals can help you earn additional income for yourself. Ever thought about it?

If yes, it’s good, but if not, you can consider it right away. 

In this corporate culture, people are very busy with their jobs, so they find it hard to make time for their pets and take care of them. This doesn’t mean they are less pet parents, but as per their jobs, they can require pet handling services. 

This can be one of the best business ideas for you if you have a soft corner for pets provided you have special training on how to handle pets and care for them in medical issues too. Once you make yourself eligible for this, you can start your pet handling and even grooming services. This is not only for dogs or cats, but also you can open your doors for birds, rabbits, and other pets who require constant watch and pampering. 

Wrapping Up

That’s all from our side!

By now, you must have acknowledged the various options to kick-start your brand and start earning. Before investing your time and money in any of the above-given best business ideas, try to find out your area of interest or hobbies. This is where you can get a kick from inside to start a business. 

Apart from the given, if you have any other ideas in mind, you can share them with us. Lastly, no matter whatever idea you choose, put all your efforts and dedication honestly. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Start researching for your favorite business idea and roll in the money!