Different Types of Bangles [More info: - 8619357922]
Different Types of Bangles [More info: - 8619357922]

Different Types of Bangles [More info: - 8619357922]

It is a well-known fact that for any woman beauty is inseparable concept and words like 'more is better' is the common saying when it comes to jewellery. Indians are very particular about jewellery and this is pretty evident from the way women accessorize themselves during festivals. There is no wonder in stating that no traditional outfit is complete without matching bangles complementing the costume. The twinkling and melodious sound of the bangles indicate that festival season is round the corner. Bangles are considered as epitome of feminine beauty, grace and ethnicity. In this article let us discuss about different types of bangles in detail.


Kangan: The statement that women all over the world are enchanted and fascinated by the beauty of bangles seems to be true when you have a glance at Indian kangan. Kangans are very thick in comparison and like any ordinary bangles they are available in various materials like gold, silver, brass, ivory and so on. But gold and silver Kangans are pretty popular because of their elegance. kangans could take the shape of square or round with or without precious and semi precious stones. These bangles exhibit the touch of richness and classic beauty at the same time. Hence they are unique when compared to other type of bangles.


Antique bangles: Antique bangles design complement traditional outfits like saree and enhance the beauty of the wearer. The graceful designs and luxurious look of these bangles are second to none. Antique bangles will give vintage and royal touch to the wearer alongside exhibiting the skill of the craftsmen.


Beaded bangles: These bangles are for those people who are always on the go. Youngsters of all are very crazy for beaded bangles because they suit western outfits more compared to traditional costumes. These bangles are very affordable and suit any personality.


White diamond bangles: In the present scenario white diamond bangles are the preferred choice of every woman. White diamond bangles symbolize eternal love, hence they make a perfect gift for anniversary, birthday or for any wedding proposal. They are available in numerous designs, shapes and sizes giving ample of options to choose the best.


These are just a few to mention and there are more varieties like white gold bangles, glitter bangles and so on. With the advancement in technology, online shopping has become pretty common. Now-a-days more and more people opt for this mode of shopping taking into account the benefits it has to offer. However, make sure that the online jewellery store you opted has a good reputation of selling high quality jewellery at affordable price.