Does acupuncture really work for acne?
Does acupuncture really work for acne?
Does Chinese acupuncture really work for acne?

Facial acupuncture can help treat acne by addressing underlying causes such as hormonal imbalances. Everything on your skin reflects other health and wellness imbalances that affect your overall health, and acupuncture works by treating these underlying problems, such as indigestion or hormonal imbalances, meaning that the root cause of treating skin problems is regulating the body.


How does facial acupuncture actually work?

The philosophy behind TCM is that everything has to be in perfect balance to function at the best level. So, any time there is a blockage inside the body that prevents flow, the problem can show up elsewhere, just like you have acne on your skin. Traditional Chinese medicine discovered the functions of acupoints through observation, and noticed that different acupoints would produce specific therapeutic effects. Poking these areas with a fine needle is believed to activate the body, triggering it to restore homeostasis.

How do acupuncturists determine what causes different types of acne?

In traditional Chinese medicine, the area of ​​the face where acne breaks out is an indicator of the underlying cause of the body. For example, for red, swollen cystic acne, acupuncture can help relieve pain. It's a natural anti-inflammatory that can help relieve redness and promote faster healing. Acne around the chin and mouth is often related to hormonal imbalances or stress, and acupuncture can help regulate the underlying hormonal imbalance that causes acne breakouts. When it comes to blackheads and whiteheads, these can be related to toxins and phlegm in the body, and acupuncture can help reduce these problems. Excessive sebum production can clog our skin hair follicles, which is often a major underlying cause, and 暗瘡中醫  is more focused on using acupuncture points to help the skin self-regulate sebum production in a healthy way.

Does acupuncture take some time?

Treatment through acupuncture can be a little different from other standard doctors, and you need to have a fairly in-depth conversation with your acupuncturist about every element of your life, from what you eat, to your lifestyle, such as who you meet. They will also take your pulse and have you stick out your tongue so they can check and develop a personalized treatment plan based on this assessment. Acupuncture, like many other things, takes time, so it will take a while for you to see results.