Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company in India which can nurture your business
Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company in India which can nurture your business
Zab Technologies, the White Label Cryptocurrency Software Development Company in India delivers Bitcoin Exchange Software to Start your own Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.

Blockchain Technology has started influencing each and every industry. For instance, if you have a look at the Banking industry, they store numerous amount of customer data. By implementing Blockchain, the ledger system can significantly lower the risks by providing secure records. With this, entrepreneurs show a keen interest in this by implementing it in their sectors. We are living in a profoundly digitized space. Hence, huge and medium-sized enterprises are adopting & investigating Blockchain benefits. This is mainly to take their businesses to higher stages.

With this increasing factor, more and more Blockchain Development Companies are emerging instantly. They are launched with the fact of providing outcomes that are free of data breaches. 

This blog will provide you with one such leading Cryptocurrency solution provider which can uprise the business to the next phase.

Zab Technologies: The premium Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Development Company in India

Being a top-notch solution provider for the cryptocurrency business, they have so far catered to a great deal of clientele. The primary motto of the firm is to deliver a profitable product in the crypto industry.

They have rich expertise in Cryptocurrency development by rendering different types of coins. They are custom-made, which can be further customized by the clientele as per their needs. 

As the digital coins are disrupting the major industries, they offer Coin Creation services in accordance with them. 

They are available to assist you in creating your own Altcoin. You can have a unique name, unique logo as well as a unique design in it. Being a Cryptocurrency Development Company in India, they design & develop the coins with the goal of standing out from the crowd. 

In addition to this, here are the other Blockchain Development services they offer:

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development 

Zab Technologies comes up with a top-grade Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Software. They are completely built-in compliance with the clientele’s unique requirements. The product can be developed from scratch if needed. On the other hand, they also provide White label crypto exchange software for those who have urgent requirements. The White-labeling is done in a tailor-made form that can be customized if needed. 

Hence, the clients can build their own cryptocurrency trading platform instantly. It also renders faster transactions where one can easily buy and sell digital assets.

  • Initial Coin Offering Development 

ICO considered being the popular fundraising mechanism in the crypto industry. Zab Technologies made them turn out to reality. They deliver end-to-end ICO development services for the clients. It includes services right from the dashboard setup to the crypto wallet integration. Here are the ICO services they proffer:

  1. Drafting the Whitepaper 

  2. Coin & Token Creation

  3. Blockchain Integration 

  4. Website Development

  5. ICO Marketing, etc.

Most of their clients have raised a good amount of funds and making their ideas turn into reality. Their comprehensive ICO services can also be customized if required.

  • Security Token Offering Development

STOs are yet another fundraising strategy that most of the enterprises are making use of. They render optimized Security Token Offering Services which is applicable to all industries. They offer compliant STO tokens to the industry. They are being developed in accordance with SEC Guidelines and the country’s regulations.

They develop Equity, Asset-based, and Debt tokens for their clients. Here is the list of STO services they offer:

  1. STO Token Creation 

  2. Whitepaper drafting, 

  3. dashboard creation 

  4. STO Marketing, etc.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

It is crucial to store cryptocurrencies and private keys at a secure place. Thus, cryptocurrency wallets are developed with the major goal of security. The pool of developers at Zab Technologies, specialize in Crypto Wallet Development with the best security practices. They are readily developed in the name of white-label/ready-made wallets. On the other hand, they can also be built from scratch as well.

Zab’s highly-secure & reliable cryptocurrency wallets can store multiple cryptocurrencies. They are being stored at the same time for instant transactions. 

Their digital wallets have rich features such as:

  1. Two-factor Authentication 

  2. Fingerprint recognition

  3. Face Detection 

  4. Multi-Lingual

  5. worry-free deposit & withdraw

  6. cross-platform support, etc.

  • Blockchain Development

Zab Technologies delivers Private Blockchain all types of industries including Banks. They are completely secure, scalable and easy to customize, most of the diversified industries adopted them. 

Being a popular Blockchain development company for years, it has catered to its client a well-built and tested Blockchains. With their Private Blockchain, one can create multiple key values and can have complete access to the entire transactions.

  • ERC 20 Token Smart Contracts Development

As a leading Blockchain platform, Ethereum has influenced a wide number of sectors. With this popularity, most of the Entrepreneurs have started to move with ERC 20 Tokens. The talented experts at Zab put forth superior services with which enterprises can raise an ample amount of funds instantly.

Their ERC 20 Token offering services include:

  1. Limitless token creation

  2. 24*7 support after the deployment

  3. Reliable & trustworthy

  4. Cold storage integration, etc. 

All these are developed at Zab with security & scalability in mind.

  • Marketing Services (ICO, STO, IEO, Cryptocurrency Exchange)

In addition to development, Zab Technologies excel in Blockchain Marketing for all the services they offer. They make use of high-end Marketing strategies such as:

  1. Content Marketing 

  2. Social Media Marketing 

  3. Email Campaigns 

  4. Participating in cryptocurrency forums 

  5. Influencer Marketing 

  6. PPC Campaigns, etc. 

They excel in rendering support from development, design, marketing to customer support. 

Wrapping Up

If you are one such person interested in starting Blockchain or cryptocurrency service, I would highly recommend you to go with Zab Technologies. With around 50+ projects delivered to the global industry, they have footprinted across diversified sectors such as Banking, Finance, Healthcare, etc. 

If you have any urgent requirements, you can contact them for a chargeless consultation right away!