How to Write in Order to be Read
How to Write in Order to be Read
A writer has a variety of linguistic means at his disposal to express certain feelings and emotions, convey ideas and thoughts and, in such a way, influence his readers.

How to Write in Order to be Read

Editing and revision play a great role in the writing process. Here, some general principles of style and grammar have to be taken into consideration. The paper analyzes some points that are based on personal writing practice.

Paying attention to the writing style is of vital importance. There are a few main functional styles – the style of fiction, the style of scientific prose, official style, publicist style, and oratorical style. The difference between these styles is based on content and the aim of utterance. The style corresponds to the purpose of an author to convey ideas and make audience understand them. I prefer to work in style of fiction. The use of stylistic, lexical and syntactical expressive means determines the effect that a piece of writing has on readers. During the processes of revision and editing, the choice of vocabulary and sentence patterns is changed (according to the style and grammar).

During the practice of revision and editing, a work is being improved by correcting what has already been written and including some new informative points. In the past, I used to make grammar mistakes. That is why it is a priority to edit every work that I write. The use of tenses may appear to be harder in the process of writing than it seems to be in the daily conversations. It can be explained by the fact that a writer pays so much attention to his argument, establishing ideas and work structure that, for example, articles can be misused. As a result, this confuses reader so that the very idea of a story may be lost because of such grammar mistakes.

I also like to play on words in order to emphasize what is said and make my thoughts clear. I have learnt that it is better to avoid repetitions as they lead to redundancy. Therefore, I spent much time choosing special vocabulary. Every writer can be identified with the words he uses more often. My style is not characterized by using similes and metaphors; I prefer epithets. In the description of a character, I may use the word “brave”, but the word “valiant” serves better in emphasizing this particular feature. Moreover, it shows personal appraisal and my attitude towards the character, which is important for the audience. I have developed the skill of word choice in the class.

The structure of a piece of writing is important as well. Every sentence should contribute to the expressiveness of the author’s thesis. For this reason, the composition of a piece of writing has to be thought of and revised a couple of times. Each element plays an important role in the process of writing. For example, I spent much time on creating climax that is the moment of the highest interest for readers. The plot of my writing is usually simple and centers on one or two ideas. I do not like using general phrases in the text, i.e., using many words to say one thing. I have learned to use simple sentence structure in order to be more focused on the main idea.

The writing course has challenged my writings habits and helped me to learn more about different ways the thoughts are verbalized. Although grammar is my weak point, I have learned to notice details and carefully work on every element of a story I write with the help of editing and revision. Only after a few revisions, a work becomes well-structured and grammatically correct.

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