Best Microsoft Office Online Course in South Africa
Best Microsoft Office Online Course in South Africa
College Africa Group offers Microsoft Excel Training online that will help you learn the ins and outs of the widely-used software to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office Courses


MS Office We provide the top Microsoft Office training programs. Our Microsoft Office courses are created just for you and your company. Request a free quote for your needs right away.

The Basics, Intermediate, and Advanced features and functions of each Microsoft Office course and software package are covered by a variety of levels.

The Microsoft Office suite includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and Access.

Microsoft Office is so well-liked that it is also available as Office for Mac, with minor differences between the two versions.

The MS Office suite for Macintosh Apple computers includes Mac Excel, Word for Mac, Mac PowerPoint, Mac Outlook, Mac Publisher, and Mac Access.

The fundamental features of Word are covered in this comprehensive course, as are some of its functions. This intensive one-day course, which runs from 9:00 to 15:00, will equip the participant with sufficient Word skills to create basic documents.

The delegate will be prepared for Word Intermediate and Advanced, which are more advanced courses. After completing the Word Basic course, the delegate receives a Word manual and an electronic attendance certificate.

project by Microsoft. Our Microsoft Project courses are the best. Our Microsoft Project training is designed specifically for you and your company.


The fundamental features of Microsoft Project Basics are covered in this comprehensive course, as are a few of the features of Microsoft Project. This intensive one-day course, which runs from 9:00 to 15:00, will equip the participant with enough project skills to advance to the MS Project Intermediate course.


The foundational knowledge gained in the Microsoft Project Basics course is built upon in this comprehensive Microsoft Project course. The course prepares the participant for MS Project Advanced training by covering some of the more advanced features and functions of MS Project.


This course covers the more advanced features of Microsoft Projects. This one-day course will teach the participants how to use MS Project to its fullest potential. The ultimate MS Project course is this one. A digital attendance certificate and a manual are presented to the delegate.

It is absolutely necessary for the attendees to comprehend Project Management terms before attending the MS Project courses. Our Microsoft Project Advanced Essentials, Project Management Core Basics, and Project Management Fundamentals courses teach you

We try to accommodate the client’s work schedule whenever possible, so we almost operate on demand. We teach Microsoft Office 365 and any version.

An OLAP cube can analyze data from multiple perspectives, is larger than a database, and allows for faster data analysis. This module demonstrates: Utilizing the field picker to select OLAP data, save the cube, and save a database.


In this one-level training course, students will learn the skills required to get the most out of Microsoft Project. Setting up a project, scheduling work, managing resources, making a timeline, managing tasks, working with deadlines and constraints, working with data, creating reports, finishing touches, printing, and sharing are all covered in this course.