7 surprising facts about international schools you should not miss out!
7 surprising facts about international schools you should not miss out!
There are many such surprising facts about these cbse international schools which we should not miss out

7 surprising facts about international schools you should not miss out!

A school is a place where the foundation of the students is set. The students  learn new languages, skills, and subjects. A student also learns interaction and other transferable skills right from a young age. Nowadays, all parents want their children to study in International schools.

                               The selection of a good school and board for your child is one of the most difficult and crucial tasks for a parent. The complete development and growth of a child, along with future prospects, majorly depends on this decision. While every board has its own pros and cons, there are various benefits one can find in enrolling your child in a CBSE board.CBSE is one of the popular and preferred curricula in India. Today, even the international schools in India offer  CBSE as it provides a standard curriculum that is practical and competitive. CBSE board comprises providing holistic growth to the students and are student-friendly in every aspect.

         There are many such surprising facts about these cbse international schools which we should not miss out and they are : 

  1. Curriculum

  2. Fee structure

  3. Sports facilities

  4. Smart classes

  5. Experienced faculty

  6. Pleasant environment

  7. High level security


  1. Curriculum : One of the main reasons parents prefer Cbse schools is because of the effective and attractive academic structure. The board has a curriculum which is built to enhance the overall growth of the student. The cbse curriculum offered by these international schools help the students to prepare for various entrance exams like IIT-JEE, AIIMS and also the students who are preparing to study abroad. 


  1. Fee structure : The fee structure of the international school is built in a unique and different manner.Each department is bifurcated accordingly. For example fees for annual tuition, transport and extracurricular activities.A specific figure of fees has to be paid to achieve the desired goal and fruitful results.


  1. Sports facilities : Along with good academic facilities proper physical activities have to be provided by the international schools as only mental health  is not enough for the growth of the student but physical fitness such as sports activities are also equally  important.International schools have this perspective that the students school life must contain 60% academics along with 40% physical activities.


  1. Smart classes : international schools with advanced teaching methods such as smart classes and labs are a must in today’s run. Every parent wants their children to learn using the latest teaching methods. Smart  classes enable students to understand the concepts and topics clearly.


  1. Experienced faculty : International schools hire the best and most experienced teachers to teach the students. Teachers with high degrees, more knowledge and years of experience.The faculty not only concentrate in teaching all the concepts to the students  but they also build a friendly relationship  with them  to understand and solve their problems.


  1. Pleasant environment : International schools pay more attention to building a pleasant environment and well structured surroundings for the students .A good environment helps the student to think and enforce his/ her ideas practically. This helps in the overall growth of the children. 


  1. High level security : All the international schools are built in such a way that they have Cctv surveillance all over the school surroundings. The structure of these international schools is top notch. The transport facility i.e buses have CCTV and a nurse in case of emergency and for the safety of the children.  


                   All the above said are some of the surprising facts that every international school has which you should not miss to consider while choosing an international school for your children. Choosing the best school for your child is difficult but by considering these facts you might come close to a conclusion. One such international school which also has these facilities is Harvest international school. Harvest is among the top best international schools in bangalore. It aims at all embracing development of the students which makes it distinct from the others.

                        For a fact that in many International schools in Bangalore children are not given proper attention but in harvest international students are given more attention by the teachers as the student teacher ratio is good i.e. 10:1 , Harvest international school fee structure is affordable and accessible.they provide all the facilities and comforts that are expected by an international school by the parents for their childrens.The school is covered under CCTV surveillance.