Create the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams With Bridal Shop Melbourne
Create the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams With Bridal Shop Melbourne
The experts at Always and Forever Bridal Shop is committed to providing you with the ultimate designer experience in Melbourne.

Preparations for weddings get more stressful and hectic as the wedding day approaches. In this kind of scenario, if you still haven’t found the perfect designer wedding dress to walk down the aisle, don’t fret visit Always & Forever Bridal shop in Melbourne. Although you will most likely find the perfect wedding gown lying right around the corner in our store, even if you don’t, our experts are always available to guide you through it all.

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Instead of pacing back and forth searching for the wedding gown of your dreams, why not help our experts design one, especially for you? Always and Forever Bridal houses some of the best designers in Australia that can customise a gown to your liking or make one from scratch.


Our staff is on a mission to make this process as simple and stress-free as possible for you. Even if you aren’t satisfied after trying on hundreds of gowns, we assure you that all our staff is extremely professional and patient to ensure you have an enjoyable experience. Drop in on our website,, to make the most of it today.