A Groom’s Guide To Wedding Wear
A Groom’s Guide To Wedding Wear
Basic Tips for the Groom on his dress up

We all know that the bride gets the most attention on her outfit for the day-rightly so- however the groom must also do his best to look his best too. It is after all his day as well. But what he wears have a number of factors that needs attention: the time of the wedding, how many people are attending and also the budget of the day.

When looking at the most important thing that needs to be addressed on the wedding dress code list for the groom is to look his most presentable. For that, you don’t need a designer, you just need to know the basics. In this blog we have put some general rules in mind during shopping for the perfect wear for your wedding.

Before jumping on the list, let’s get one thing out of the way: hasty decisions never work. If you have already popped the question and received a yes in return, you need to start thinking wedding! Start shopping at least 4 months before the wedding day. So that you can have the perfectly tailored look on your wedding day.

Basic Tips for the Groom on his dress up

Keep in mind that these tips are basics without keeping any body type in mind and that you can alter/adopt any of them for your customized look.

The Tux

When talking wedding ofcourse the first one on the list needs to be a tux or a tuxedo if you tryna be fancy. If you want to add the glamour of satin in your dress wear a tux. The satin is usually placed on the trims of the pockets, the lapels and have satin handmade buttons as well. If you are feeling fancy you can also get a line of satin down on the outside of the trouser leg.

Tuxedos are often seen at a black-tie event. When taking ties with a tux, although many wear long-ties these days. The traditional way is a black bow tie. It is recommended that you wear a cummerbund with a tux. But again you do you.

The suit

This needs a little description as most people already knows what a suit is as many people in a high prestige place already wear them everyday. However what many don’t know is the different variations that suit might have: from the number of buttons to the features cuffs, single or double breasted or the width of lapels.

However, there is nothing that can compare to a well-made suit, if your wedding is happening suddenly and you need something fast, this is what you should go for always! You can get it altered it a bit to fit you perfectly. To amp up the look you can also add a waist coat and be done with it.

The best tie

Wearing the right tie is going to tie your suit or tux in the best way possible. You can wear a black bow tie with a tux or the gorgeous black or any other tie with knot tie for the right style on your wedding day. Bow ties on suits also make up for a stylish yet modern look.

The Waistcoat or Vest

Even though this is optional but in my opinion is in the basic necessity for a groom. Match your tux or suit with a waistcoat or a vest to look sophisticated. Additionally the Waistcoats without the coat is a great pick as after the ceremony dinner or dancing.

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