gaming pc price in Kuwait
gaming pc price in Kuwait
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gaming pc price in Kuwait

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What is a Gaming PC ?


A Gaming PC is a computer which is more powerful than aneveryday normal computer. Its main job is to run high end games that requirelarge computing power and high resources. There are mainly three things thatform the main parts of a gaming pc. They are

A good Motherboard, high performance hard disk, heavy dutyPower Supply, HD LCD monitor are equally but the above mentioned things areneeded the most. Here I will show you the step by step guide on choosing thecomponents and how to build a gaming pc.

Guide on How to Build a Gaming PC

CPU – A fast multi-core is the primary requirement for agaming computer. Intel and AMD are the two major leaders in processormanufacturing. ‘Intel or AMD for Gaming ?’ This question is asked by manygamers and there are very confused on choosing the right cpu for their gamingpc. The answer today is not very clear as both of them have different cpu’sthat performs very good in gaming benchmarks. For sometime AMD had laggedbehind in the race but after the launch of the Bulldozer FX aswell as thelatest Piledriver FX series its back and is performing better than intel interms of 'performance per buck'.

For Intel make sure to buy at least core i5 processor yourgaming rig and for AMD start with at least FX Quad Core series. For CPUintensive games you may have to go for more powerful CPU's like core i7 seriesfor Intel and six core FX series for AMD, these are the best processors thatyou can find for gaming PC.


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Presenting one of the rarest vintage games of all time: PieFace, made by Hassenfeld Bros (Hasbro) in 1968. Pie Face came with a spinner,score sheet, cardboard target with cut-out window, and a pie launcher.Basically, you placed a whipped cream "pie" on the launcher, thentook turns spinning to find out how many times to crank the launcher's handles.It was randomly set to let the pie fly into the player's face, positionedwithin the target. Sort of a cream pie version of Russian Roulette.

It was billed as "the most fun-filled action gameyou've ever played!" If, of course, your idea of fun was getting a pieslammed into your face.


The 15 1/2" tall target was made of cardboard...whichhelps explain why this game is so rare. I can't imagine they survived manywhipped cream pie hits. The target is designed to make the player look like aclown, further adding to the humiliation.



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Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard: Mecha-Membrane KeySwitches - Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting - Individuallly Backlit Keys -Detachable Plush Wrist Rest - Programmable Macro Functionality




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On the difficulties of sharing Nintendo accounts acrossmultiple Switch units

“There’s nothing to talk about at this point,” Bowser saysof plans to make the process easier. “There is the ability to transfer data andto designate which is your primary device and which is a secondary device, andthose instructions are available on But we’re also looking at theexperiences our consumers are having, and we’re always looking foropportunities to improve and enhance those experiences.



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The new upgrade to his voice-response computer system hasbeen acting a little weird, but Tony is so distracted that he never realizedthat it be a human being with less-than-honorable intentions control his entirecomputer network.  But, alas, Tonywaltzes right into a trap.  Stripped ofhis Iron Man suit, what hope does he have against an ruthless evil genius?  Well, he is Tony Stark – he has much more ofa chance than anyone would ever guess.



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