Which is the Smallest VTEC Engine by Honda?
Which is the Smallest VTEC Engine by Honda?
Keep reading about the smallest VTEC engine and why you should get a Honda-used engine of smaller displacement.

Honda’s Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control system technology got popular in the modern automotive market as soon as it was launched. After all, it was the first successful engine to alter the cam timing profile. VTEC engines meant buyers didn’t have to choose between power and fuel economy anymore. It’s literally the best of both worlds.

Honda improved the overall performance of smaller engines paving way for the smallest VTEC engine to rule the market. Keep reading to know all about the smallest VTEC engine and why you should get a Honda used engine of smaller displacement.


1.5L Turbocharged VTEC Engine—Smallest VTEC Engine 

Turbocharged engines have always been famous for the boost of power they offer. But they also had drawbacks. When it comes to fuel economy, turbocharged engines weren’t of much help.

That changes with the 1.5L turbocharged VTEC engine. It’s the first engine to offer the power of a turbocharger along with the fuel economy of small engines, all thanks to VTEC technology. For someone looking for an old engine for sale with a warranty for their Honda, VTEC should be the priority.


3 Pros of Buying the 1.5L VTEC Engine 

High Power and Torque

Despite being a small engine, the 1.5L VTEC engine has enough power and torque like a big engine. Earlier it wasn’t possible, but Honda’s engineering has it possible for a small displacement engine to have a large engine’s power or torque.

Supercharging using a turbocharger overcomes the power problem in this engine. It further produces a feeling of power that is smooth from low revs. Moreover, it exceeds the torque of a 2.4L engine.


Fuel Efficiency with Direct Injection System 

The 1.5L VTEC engine turns the disadvantages of a general turbocharged engine into its pros through a Direct Injection System. It injects the fuel directly into the cylinders and reduces the chances of knocking.

DIS lowers the temperature within the cylinders by the gasoline’s vaporization heat. In addition to that, the high tumble intake ports strengthen intake airflow. The tumble flow maintaining pistons boosts fuel efficiency.


No Turbo Lag

Turbo lag used to be major trouble with conventional turbo engines, but VTEC turbo solves this problem efficiently. suffered from turbo lag.

The 1.5L turbocharged VTEC engine uses electronic wastegates equipped with small-diameter turbines. These turbines spin efficiently on small exhaust energy. As an outcome, the response of the turbo engine is sharpened and it rapidly responds to the accelerator, minimizing the lag.




Honda VTEC engines come in all displacement sizes, but the smallest one is a true wonder. It offers exactly what an average buyer wants, the power that doesn’t cost huge bucks in fuel. If you want to experience the performance of a 1.5L turbo VTEC engine, get a used Honda engine for sale and try it first-hand.