Remote controls for TV, audio, hi-fi and TV are available at Alternate
Remote controls for TV, audio, hi-fi and TV are available at Alternate
The foundation of quality home entertainment is a nice TV set or television. A DVD or Blu-ray player specialized receiving technology like satellite systems, and high-quality audio equipment then expands on this

The foundation of quality home entertainment is a nice TV set or television. A DVD or Blu-ray player specialized receiving technology like satellite systems, and high-quality audio equipment then expands on this. For uninterrupted audio enjoyment, a high-quality hi-fi system and headphones are required. Utilize the ALTERNATE online store's vast choices and affordable pricing to assemble your home theatre.

TVs, televisions, and projectors form a strong foundation

Nowadays, television can be found in practically all German homes. ALTERNATE offers projectors, DVD players, and Blu-ray players in addition to appropriate TV sets. Additionally, you can purchase the ideal pay-TV packages in the ALTERNATE online store, as well as the satellite, cable, or DVB-T reception technology that best suits your requirements.

Hi-fi audio and headphones: learn about acoustic highlights

A quality hi-fi system is not just a useful piece of essential gear for music enthusiasts. High-quality sound output is particularly advantageous for TVs and gaming consoles. Existing hi-fi systems can be improved with loudspeakers rather than needing to replace the complete system. You may experience sound directly and without interruption with headphones. In the ALTERNATE web store, you can also find MP3 players and MVP players for enjoying music on the go. You are prepared for all of life's acoustic difficulties with ALTERNATE.

Power is essential to your home entertainment system

These days, the power supply is a crucial concern because there is a lot of room for cost savings. To assist you in this, they provide you with a sizable range of power strips, extension cords, rechargeable batteries, and numerous accessories in their online store. With ALTERNATE, you can save electricity like an expert.

Accessories for the ideal connection, including cables

Your home entertainment systems can be connected effectively using cables and adapters. ALTERNATE provides you with speaker cables, antenna cables, HDMI cables, as well as different audio and video cables, for this use. ALTERNATE online offer in this category is completed by a wide selection of appropriate accessories.

Life is more convenient with remote controllers

You can utilize your home entertainment center more easily and enjoyably if you use remote controls, especially universal remote controllers. Reduce this to a single remote control that operates all devices instead of having to deal with many remote controllers, which will greatly improve convenience. You can discover the ideal remote control at the ALTERNATE online store, ranging in price from affordable to sophisticated.

Everything about ALTERNATE's central theme of gaming

Gaming, or playing video and computer games, inspires billions of people worldwide, and for many aspirational and devoted players, it's much more than just a passing interest. There are innumerable fans of all types of games everywhere, whether they are played on a computer, a console, a smartphone, or a tablet. These games transport you into stunning virtual game worlds that are brimming with adventure, allowing you to temporarily forget about your daily life. 


Gaming not only enables you to lose yourself in the game, but it also connects millions of players from across the world together to share thrilling adventures in fantastical worlds or to compete against one another in really thrilling online matches while putting your talents to the test.


It would be best if you had the ideal hardware, as well as the appropriate gear and accessories, for the most enjoyable gaming experience. Of course, you can find all of this and much more in the extensive gaming section of the ALTERNATE online store!

Purchase a range of affordable gamer items from ALTERNATE

They place a lot of importance on the gaming area, therefore they aim to sell as many high-end, high-performing things as we can that improve the gaming experience.


Therefore, every die-hard gamer can discover what they're looking for in their enormous selection. ALTERNATE promises that it has exactly the right thing for PC gamers who prefer to sit at their desk and pursue their hobby, as well as for console gamers who prefer to sit comfortably on the sofa or in an armchair while gaming. Of course, they also have exactly the right thing for fans of mobile gaming who want to play not only from home but also from the road.


Browse through ALTERNATE's wide selection of gaming products to find high-performance gaming PCs and notebooks, as well as the necessary peripherals like gaming mouse, keyboards, and headsets, as well as furniture like gaming seats and tables that are essential to any excellent setup.

With ALTERNATE's racing simulators, virtual racers receive everything

Outstanding gear made available for purchase in preparation for the upcoming virtual races. Don't miss out if you possess one of the most recent game systems from Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo, or if you plan to soon. ALTERNATE sell all Nintendo Switch-related goods as well as items for the newest next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S.


You can find games, gamepads, controllers, headphones, charging stations, and more in addition to the consoles themselves. For instance, if you want to share your gaming experiences with other players, you can select the best streaming equipment from ALTERNATE's selection of webcams, cameras, streaming decks, green screens, microphones, and capture cards.


On the other hand, looking at the VR goggles or virtual reality systems is the greatest thing to do if you want to completely lose yourself in virtual worlds and conceal everything around you. They provide you with everything in ALTERNATE's category for the best gaming experience wherever you are.

PC gaming

A decent setup includes the likelihood that PC gamers will receive their heart's desire, which is a high chance. Starting with powerful, well-equipped computers like the ALTERNATE gaming PCs, which feature top components like cutting-edge AMD Ryzen or Intel Core processors, Nvidia GeForce GTX and RTX or AMD Radeon RX graphics cards, DDR4 or DDR5 Main memory, quick SSDs, sizable hard discs or HDDs, and the excellent Microsoft Windows 11 operating system. 

Perhaps one of the many gaming notebooks from well-known brands like ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE, OMEN, ACER, Razer, or HP, all equally outfitted with top-notch components, as an alternative to a PC.