Eligibility Criteria For Students Looking For Questbridge National College Match Scholarship
Eligibility Criteria For Students Looking For Questbridge National College Match Scholarship
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Education has always been a fundamental right for everyone. But even today, students face many challenges to get this right. The biggest and the most prevalent challenge that students go through are financial issues. However, there are many escape plans available these days for students to get rid of these issues to an extent, for example, scholarships, fee waivers, etc. Among these available benefits, students enjoy the benefit of scholarships the most. One such scholarship helping students in need is the Questbridge National College Match scholarship.

Questbridge scholarship is a need-based scholarship that helps college students with monetary aid of up to $200,000. But before getting this monetary advantage, students have to clear the eligibility criteria. For this scholarship, students need to have the following:

  1. Academic record: Students must rank among the top students. If they rank between 5-10% of top students, they can apply for this scholarship. On the other hand, they must obtain A-grade in all the chosen subjects. Apart from this, their SAT score must be 1280, and their ACT score should be more than 27.
  2. Financial background: This scholarship aids students who belong to financially low incomefamilies. Students whose total family income is not more than $65,000 annually can apply for this scholarship. On the other hand, asset possessions of the family must be minimum.
  3. Personal records: Doing academically well is not enough to win this scholarship. Students need to show their caliber and skills too. For this, they must have certificates or other proofs that will let the interviewers know about their leadership qualities as well as responsibility. If a student passes all these criteria, there are high chances of winning the scholarship and overcoming the challenge of financial issues.

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