In this following blog, you get to see some amazing tips for hair extensions.

Introduction to Hair extensions:

Hair extensions have been the talk of the town for quite a while. It’s a way to get dreamy hair while hiding all hair issues like hair loss, receding hairlines, and balding. Little do people know that these hair extensions need care. Each hair extension has a different care routine depending on the type of extension you opt for; each hair extension has a different care routine. 

You must be keen on taking care of your additional hair to make them last longer. Generally, you have a glue-on lace front wig or a hair extension installed and sewed in by a professional at the salon. Taking good care helps you make a better hair care routine and saves you the dollars you spend on your head.

Let’s now get into the hair care tips generally applied to any of the extensions you have. These tips will help your extension stay new and last longer. Make sure to mention these in your everyday hair care routine and notice a significant elongated life of your hair extensions. 

Minimize Heat Damage

Try not to expose your hair extensions to heat since many hair extensions and different types of hair are collected and sewed together. Some synthetic hair wigs get damaged from heat usage; they might lose their actual dye. No matter how many heat protectant serums or spray you apply, your hair will still affect your hair. 

Heat is one of the primary reasons that lead to hair loss. Heat is bad for wigs but also naturally grown hair. Using heat on your hair extension can damage the hair, breakthrough and lose their hair color. Avoid heat exposure and damage to the extension hair. Also, set your heating appliance on the lowest settings if you use a hair protectant.

Sleep On Silk Or Satin

There are multiple benefits not just for hair health but also the scalp health. Professionals advise sleeping on silk or satin pillow covers and turning the sides of the pillow if not washed regularly. Some brands do not recommend sleeping with the wigs glued on, while some quote to avoid tangling hair extensions while sleeping.

Doctors and professionals recommend silk or satin because there is minimum friction, which leads to no tangles and no matting. Also, these two materials are anti-absorbent in properties. Hence, the moisture produced by the scalp does not get absorbed in the pillow cover, leaving your hair luscious and shiny in the morning. Not just for the wigs, but sleeping on silk and satin also helps reduce hair loss issues. 

Detangle Regularly

Detangling is vital for every inch, whether artificial or natural. Brushing is mandatory irrespective of extensions or natural hair. Why do doctors emphasize brushing hair regularly? This question might strike your head whenever you get advised to do so. Doctors suggest avoiding excessive brushing because it can lead to hair loss.

Well, brushing is the easiest way to nourish your hair and make them look great. But how does brushing helps enough to maintain your hair growth? Hair brushing is an exercise that boosts the blood flow to your scalp. It makes your hair get vital nutrients. When talking about hair extensions, Hair extensions must be very delicate when brushed. Make sure not to rip the knot where your hair extensions are, or you might pull it.

Never Sleep With Wet Extensions

Sleeping with wet hair is also not good for your natural hair, but it's even worse when it comes to hair extensions. YOU SHOULD NEVEL SLEEP IN WET EXTENSIONS & WIGS. If wearing a glue-on wig, make sure to detach it before bed. 

Sleeping in wet extensions will damage your extensions and leave you sick with cold and damaged hair roots. Later, it can lead to hair loss. You can always use a hair dryer and dry your hair before going to bed safe and comfy. Make sure to dry the roots because a wet scalp is dangerous to sleep along. Now you know why.

Wash Regularly

Maintain a regular wash cycle. If you often keep up the additional hair to your scalp, your scalp may not produce enough moisture to make your hair shiny and healthy. Hence, take showers and choose the shampoo with fewer chemicals, especially extensions and wigs.

Washing your hair will benefit both natural hair as cold water washes tend to heal hair loss; and attachments because they won't lead to matting and tangling and get smoother yet clean. Washing your hair extensions will help your hair extensions get all the care and attention they need, from detangling to getting dried and soaked in hair care products. Also, freshly washed hair extensions always look fresh and new like before.

Avoid Using Too Many Products

Chemicals on scalps are dangerous. Using products on your head is okay if they have no harsh chemicals. You might spend countless dollars on your hair care products unknowingly. It's a waste of money, time, and effort. 

Instead, you should oil your hair when removing your hair extensions. Naturally, this nourishes your scalp and makes it healthier enough to grow extension-like hair naturally. What happens if you use many different hair care products on your extensions? Your hair extensions are not living hair. These hair are attached to your scalp artificially; they can't breathe, nor can they tolerate the chemical damage. The hair extensions can have breakage or even shed when exposed to harsh chemicals repeatedly. Just like your natural hair loss, harsh chemicals can also cause breakage to your hair extensions.


You just read a complete guide on how to take care of your hair extensions. Your hair extensions are expensive enough to be taken care of, either glued or sewed, because why not? 

That’s not just a care tip but a tip to save you dollars. Make each extension strand last longer with the Hair Care Tips. These tips will help your hair extensions shine and also help to reduce hair loss, as it is what almost all of us suffer.