Why do Indian students find Canada to be so appealing?
Why do Indian students find Canada to be so appealing?
Due in part to the high standard of education provided, the variety of job prospects, and its open immigration and post-graduate work policies, Canada has one of the greatest numbers of international students in the entire world.

Why do Indian students find Canada to be so appealing?

India continues to lead Canada's rapid expansion in the foreign student market.

The next step after making the decision to study abroad is deciding where the student wants to go. Before choosing a location and educational institution, they must consider a number of factors.

One of the most sought-after places for international students to study in Canada, which is especially well-liked by students from India. According to the 2019 UN Number Prospects, India will have the largest population of young adults in the world with 150 million young people (aged 18 to 23) in 2020. The huge expansion of the foreign student market in Canada has been led by India.

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Due in part to the high standard of education provided, the variety of job prospects, and its open immigration and post-graduate work policies, Canada has one of the greatest numbers of international students in the entire world.

A Friendly Country

One of the major worries for international students who decide to pursue a degree abroad is the procedure for applying for a study permit. More than a third of all international students in Canada, according to data from recent study permits, have come from India, which is encouraging news for future international students who are thinking about continuing their studies in Canada. Indian students have been given more study visas in Canada on a consistent basis over time. Between the academic years 2015–16 and 2019–2020, the number of Indian students in Canada increased by about 350%. The Student Direct Stream is one of the most widely used channels by Indian students to apply for a Canadian study permit.

This program is beneficial since it was created to expedite and streamline the application process for international students seeking a Canadian study permit. Residents of 14 nations, including India, are currently served through this program. According to data from January to October 2021 from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, 76% of all international students from qualified countries who applied through SDS to study in Canada were accepted, as opposed to 49% of those who applied through non-SDS. Indian students are encouraged to apply to the SDS program because of its enormous popularity. In fact, in 2021, 95% of all SDS applications came from Indian students.

Work Possibilities

Canada continues to uphold its standing as a friendly place for international students. This includes welcoming employment rules for international students while they are studying overseas. Only there do the job opportunities start. Students might acquire a competitive advantage after completing their studies by gaining worthwhile work experience. The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP), which encourages foreign students to come to Canada to study and work, is a well-known aspect of Canada's international education system.

As part of the program, international students acquire substantial job experience that aids graduates in becoming lawful permanent residents. The approval rate for international graduates seeking permanent residence in Canada in 2021 was 97.5%. Canada's standing as an immigration-friendly country keeps getting better.

Canada unveiled plans last month to allow students with postgraduate work permits that expire this year to stay in the country for an additional 18 months while their PR applications are being processed. The announcement is a critical step in the right direction, even though it does not apply to all PGWP holders and international grads.

Diversity in Canada

Overall, the country has a wide range of cultural influences. For quite a while, individuals from everywhere over the world have immigrated to Canada. Canada values variety and considers it to be a source of solidarity. Besides the fact that international students find chances to associate with all kinds of individuals at their colleges or universities in Canada, they can likewise look for chances to take part in celebrations of all ethnic gatherings all throughout the year in Canada. The best part is that there is an abundance of cultures that Canada’s cultural sector celebrates, for example, one can celebrate festivals including, but not limited to, Diwali, Holi, Chinese New Year, and Caribbean Carnivals.

Academic Possibilities

A student can one day be a wonderful candidate in the talent pool when they are ready to apply for a job if they have a well-rounded education and real-world experience. Within its colleges and universities, Canada's higher education sector offers a varied selection of academic courses from coast to coast. A college education is very well-liked by Indian students in Canada. In 2021, college programs accounted for two out of every three Canadian study visas granted to Indian students. One reason for this is the practical, experiential education that many colleges offer.

Additionally, Canadian colleges have a lot to offer, including shorter programs, less expensive tuition than American universities, and a respectable enrolment capacity. For students to feel confident when they enter the workforce and be able to contribute right away, it's critical that they receive specialized training and have a supportive educational experience. The most popular area of study for Indian students in Canada has been business and management studies. Every fifth Indian student who enrolls in a program in Canada studies business and management, there has been an increase in interest in computing and IT disciplines, as well as health and applied sciences, even though business and management degrees are the most popular among Indian students.

New Employment Opportunities

One of the hardest choices students will have to make is whether to study abroad. As students will be investing a sizable amount of money and time, they must take personal finances, career goals, and job chances into consideration before making a choice. The labour market in Canada is in a highly special situation. 915,500 job opportunities were reported by Statistics Canada during the fourth quarter of 2021. This is an increase of 63% from 2020. International students are well-positioned to benefit from these job vacancies due to the labour shortages that are affecting Canada and other economies around the world. Indian foreign students have a very promising future in Canada, which is a great alternative for international students.

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