10 Passenger Car Rental: Best Models for Your Big Family Trip
10 Passenger Car Rental: Best Models for Your Big Family Trip
For your convenience, we’ve selected the best 10 passenger car rental options. If you are going to have a big family trip and want to rent a large and spacious car, here are some of the greatest models to pick up.

A family trip is the best way to spend time with your dearest people. Yes, it’s really very cool to travel all together to amazing places, while enjoying the experience and admiring the incredible views from the window. 

You can pick up LAX car rental 24 hours in Los Angeles and have an unforgettable California road trip, or choose any other great location for your journey. Of course, for this, you need a spacious 10 passenger car rental. 

However, choosing the right vehicle for a family trip can be a challenge because there are so many options available on the car rental market today. 

Mercedes-Benz V-Class 


If you are used to the highest level of comfort, then we recommend picking up this premium 10 passenger car rental. This is one of the ideal travel options. 

Mercedes has implemented the best solutions in its V-Class. Increased roominess and well-thought-out interior elements will make your trip truly comfortable. You will enjoy an excellent multimedia system and convenient seating. 

The Mercedes V-Class is a stylish, luxurious car that will satisfy the most demanding travelers. The driver's seat is well done. German engineers did everything possible so that the driver didn’t get tired after a long time behind the wheel. 

The car has many electronic assistants and security systems. An efficient 2.1-liter turbo diesel engine with 190 horsepower under the hood means you won’t spend much money on fuel. All these features make the Mercedes-Benz V-Class the best choice for a big family trip.

Volkswagen California 


Sometimes people don't even think about which 10 passenger car rental is better to choose for their planned trip. They immediately rent a Volkswagen California. By the way, Volkswagen still has an equally worthy option in the Multivan model. However, California is a more suitable choice for traveling. 

The car was specially created for the fans of traveling by car. In addition to comfortable seating, there’s a folding table. The driver's and front passenger seats rotate on their own axis to be able to turn towards the table during lunch. From the rear seat, you can make a full bed in just several movements. A modern multimedia system, climate control, navigator, and other technical features will guarantee a successful trip. Plus, with a 2-liter diesel engine, you won't have to often visit a gas station on your family road adventure.

Toyota Alphard 


According to many experienced travelers, this is the most comfortable and reliable vehicle, ideal for family travel. The car has a futuristic appearance. However, its interior is quite practical and allows passengers to feel comfortable. The luggage compartment is also ample, so you can find where to store your bags. 

The Toyota Alphard has another great feature - a 3.5-liter petrol engine with 300 hps onboard. If necessary, this passenger van can easily accelerate to 200 kilometers per hour. At the same time, fuel efficiency is at a low level, given the installed engine. 

The salon is simply luxurious and incredible, with the use of modern technology. Numerous electronic assistants, security systems, cameras, and other technical innovations will make driving much easier. Therefore, with the Toyota Alphard, you get another great vehicle for traveling.

Hyundai H1 


This is a South Korean passenger van that will bring you unforgettable travel moments. Travelers who have rented a Hyundai H1 at least once describe it as a high-quality and reliable car, pretty enough outside and well-thought-out inside. 

At the same time, it has an affordable price in the car rental market. This comfortable passenger van from the South Korean manufacturer has a 2.5-liter diesel engine with excellent power of 170 hps. 

The car has an excellent set of options and equipment that will make driving easy. Among them, electronic stability control and adaptive cruise control are available even as standard. Also, there’s a heating and air conditioning system. Although there are certain claims in terms of transformation to the cabin, the overall level of interior comfort is high. This means you won't regret renting the Hyundai H1 for your upcoming family trip.

Peugeot Traveler 


Why is Traveler a great choice? First of all, this is because it provides a high safety level. According to the results of the Euro NCAP crash tests, the passenger van received five stars, which is the highest rating.  

The length of the car is 5.3 meters, and the height is 1.94 meters, which allows you to park your car in covered parking without any problems. In addition to standard options, the car has the ability to transform the rear row of seats. Parking sensors and cameras, LED optics, cruise control, lane-keeping assistant, and blind-spot monitoring allow you to enjoy a safe ride.

The car has a two-liter 150-hps turbo-diesel power unit under the hood, which is enough for such a car. It has good fuel efficiency so you won’t spend too much money on fuel. The affordable price in the car rental market makes Peugeot Traveler an excellent choice for a big road trip with the whole family.