Virtual Events in the Philippines: Making Better Decisions Possible
Virtual Events in the Philippines: Making Better Decisions Possible
In order for hybrid events to be successful, the hosts must know how to manage the attendees well. For those who are used to face to face events, these tips from Waveplay Interactive can help you adjust the new normal.

A face-to-face meeting occurs when all participants are physically present in the same location. In other words, before conference calls and web conferencing, a face-to-face meeting was simply referred to as "a meeting." Meetings can now be classified as face-to-face (with everyone present), virtual (with most participants connecting from various places), or hybrid events in the Philippines (some participants colocated, others joining from different locations).


1. We only have one shot at doing this right. We cannot afford to make a mistake.

Touchless is effective! A face-to-face gathering does not guarantee that smart judgments will be made or that participants will suddenly reach universal agreement on a contentious issue.


In fact, if the team leader divides the work into numerous smaller virtual sessions spaced out over a few days, this team is more likely to produce a realistic strategy. "Rapid prototyping" is difficult to do when everyone is cooped up in one place for extended periods of time. Concept testing and idea validation are generally best done over a few days by several people in different places.

2. The clock is ticking. This must be completed as soon as possible.

A Contactless Event is efficient! It is nearly always quicker and faster to gather individuals online than it is to gather everyone in one physical spot, especially when some must travel vast distances.


Another advantage of meeting electronically is that more individuals may participate as necessary. This team can move quicker and with better agility by dividing down the task into smaller portions that can be handled by subgroups working concurrently.


Careful planning is essential, particularly to ensure that the many activities and subgroups are connected and that everyone is working with the information they require at all times.


3. If we are to fulfill our goals, we must have a high level of trust among team members.

Make an effort to meet face to face. Given the team's lack of healthy pre-existing connections, this meeting should be held in person.


With a heated topic on the horizon and so much depending on a good resolution, a face-to-face meeting seemed crucial.


4. In-depth discussions are required for us to make educated judgments and achieve an agreement.

It is conditional. In general, if all 20 individuals on a team need to be included in talks about the formulation of this launch strategy, then a face-to-face location will provide the team leader greater leeway in scheduling the necessary dialogues.


Throughout the two days, the leader can, for example, assign subgroups to specific tasks, followed by a large-group debrief, followed by another small group assignment, and so on.


However, if parts of labor can be given to small groups that can work independently on assignments, such work can be done virtually just as well. In any scenario, an online conference area may assist individuals in preparing for the necessary dialogues, whether it's to weigh in, publish crucial background material, ask questions, and so on.


5. The topics of debate are contentious, may provoke conflict, or elicit strong emotions.

Make an effort to meet face to face. In this situation, we know that the team is divided on whether or not to proceed with this dangerous project.


We are also aware that tensions are already high and tempers are short. Given the significance of the outcome to the company's fortunes, and given that current ties may need some mending, meeting face-to-face is the most certain approach to settle issues, accomplish desired objectives, and nurture better relationships. (See #3, linked above.)


6. We will need to harness the excitement and energy of all participants if we are to meet our objectives.

It is conditional. Setting up a productive virtual work environment to fulfill an ambitious deadline should work well if the team members are already excited about working together on a common goal.


However, if certain team members exhibit lukewarm support (or worse, open resistance), gathering them all in one spot at the same moment, especially while the clock is ticking, may be your last hope of gaining everyone's passionate support. (Even then, you'll need to plan your talks carefully!)


Virtual Events in the Philippines are made possible by Webplay Virtual Events by Waveplay Interactive. Virtual Events can give you a formal experience and even features like a virtual hall and virtual lobby. Making your microsite a convenient way of doing business is a plus.