Talking Dog Bella
Talking Dog Bella
Do you hear a dog barking? It's Talking Dog Bella!

She came to you to adopt her.


Become a proud owner of an adorable Talking Dog Bella. Bella wants to be your loyal virtual pet, and keep you company. Make her wish come true, and adopt her now.


Features of Talking Dog Bella


Celebrate Talking Dog Bella's birthday, and make her special day unforgettable.


Take care of your virtual pet and give her all your love and affection.


Play a variety of mini-games and collect coins to buy something for your Talking Dog Bella.


Finish the tasks and win amazing prizes.


Make your virtual pet beautiful. Do Bella's nails, and choose the perfect makeup for your cute dog.


Go to your virtual dog's garden and grow vegetables together.


Look after Talking Bella, bathe her to make her clean.


Hurry and download Talking Dog Bella simulation game from the app store for free. Enjoy every moment spent playing  Talking Dog Bella. Amuse yourself for hours playing with virtual Talking Dog Bella.


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