No-Code AI In 2022- The Game Changer
No-Code AI In 2022- The Game Changer
AI developers have been working on a new approach to access AI in recent years that does not require in-depth coding skills,

In recent years, AI developers have been working on a new way to access AI that does not require in-depth coding knowledge, the costs of custom software development, or the hiring of specialists. It's known as no-code AI, and it's changing the game in a variety of industries.

Despite the fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic for at least a decade, there are still impediments to its adoption by organisations. Implementing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and expertise can be pricey. By making AI widely and affordably available, no-code solutions help to democratise AI.

What is no-code AI?

No-code AI is a subclass of artificial intelligence that aims to make AI more approachable. To deploy AI and machine learning models, no-code AI requires employing a no-code development platform with a visual, code-free, and frequently drag-and-drop interface. Non-technical people may easily classify, analyse, and construct accurate models to make predictions with no code AI.

What is the use of no-code AI?

By lowering the needed programming skills and making the design process more visible and clear, no-code development allows a much larger audience to participate in building application functionality.

What are the benefits of no-code AI?

1)      Integrates easily

2)      Lower cost than custom AI

3)      Speeds up processes

4)      Empowers business intelligence solutions

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