Jobs in AI
Jobs in AI
AI is an expanding field proving its usefulness in varied areas.

AI is an expanding field proving its usefulness in varied areas. The article highlights skills and application for AI at various levels.

AI is a thriving sector that is predicted to grow exponentially not only in the near future, but for many years to come. It's one of the fastest-growing technologies, with practically every industry and company using it to boost productivity and streamline operations. However, as different subdomains of Artificial Intelligence have grown in popularity, there has been an increase in need for AI and specific-domain professionals that can assist in the development and implementation of AI.

According to a simplilearn article, AI and machine learning occupations have increased by about 75% in the last four years and are expected to continue to rise. That's three times the demand, indicating that there's a lot of room for tech workers in this field.

Some of the most common Careers in AI or Roles for AI jobseekers are –

AI Developer       

ML Developer

Business Intelligence Developer

NLP Developer

AI Data Analyst

These are some of the most in-demand technologies and tools right now, stay on top of industry trends and requirements.

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