How We Built Websites for 5 non-profit Organizations in a Day
How We Built Websites for 5 non-profit Organizations in a Day
A resolution by Gaurav Ashtikar, co-founder of Applied AI Consulting, a leading Cloud and AI automation provider, helped 5 non-profit organizations get a website. This was his way of saying “Thanks”! Hope you find it inspiring.

July 27th,2022. Applied AI Consulting (AAIC) completed 3 years!

On this special occasion, AAIC Leadership Team members were discussing various means of giving back to the community. Given the significant accomplishments in DevOps and AI, AAIC has transformed more than 70 businesses within 3 years. 

It was time to celebrate and give back.

During this discussion, Gaurav Ashtikar, who hails from Pandharpur, talked about the “Do Action” event that he organized before Covid. It was for 5 non-profit organizations. He had helped them to create websites within a single day.

This was something that AAIC would like to take up once again, and hence they wanted to share the details of how Gaurav managed to get this done earlier. 

Many of you may be WordPress experts. Quite a few of us understand Cloud and DevOps. That’s all that is needed to deliver a good-quality, easily upgradable website. 

Realizing this, Gaurav organized what is called a “Do-event.” He took help from the WordPress community to get this done. The WordPress meta team provides official approval. With a budget of Rs 50K, sponsors are called out. Lastly, space is decided. 

The previous ‘Do event’ was done in the REAN Cloud office (now acquired by Hitachi Vantara). 

The overall process takes about 3 months of preparation. But it is all worth it! 

Gaurav explained, “We started to conduct meetups with the purpose of providing knowledge to all the attendees free of cost around topics like WordPress, Hashicorp, and AWS.” 

He continued, “In one of those events, the WordPress Birthday event came up. And we decided to celebrate it in a special way from India. Many other countries also celebrate WordPress birthdays in their own different ways. Keeping the availability and convenience in mind, we set one Saturday morning to help 5 NGOs. Requirements came from NGOs. We had different WordPress experts assigned to each of the 5 NGOs. Within a single day, we were able to get the job done”. 

Gaurav’s excitement continued, “We started our series as a simple meetup knowledge sharing event. And has matured to help our community. We all felt proud of our accomplishment”.

Now, post-COVID, as all teams have started returning back to the office, celebrations are due. Applied AI Consulting has announced that they will be supporting more such efforts. 

Another good news is that Applied AI Consulting, of which Gaurav Asthikar is a co-founder, has also moved to a larger workspace. Gaurav has graciously accepted to host more meetups for Hashicorp and WordPress events. 

Finally, a message to non-profit organizations. You are leading from the front and helping communities on a daily basis. India is a leading IT hub with unprecedented talent. Feel free to send your needs to and we can do our best to put together a roadmap using our IT community meetup network.