Features of Java Programming Language
Features of Java Programming Language
In this blog, we will explain the Features of Java Programming Language.

Features of Java Programming Language

The main reason for the development Java was that the primary goal behind creation Java was to introduce security and portability into a computer-based language. In addition to these two main attributes, there were a myriad of additional features which played a significant influence in shaping the final version of this amazing language. These features include :

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1) Simple

Java is easy to master Its syntax, too, is straightforward, simple and simple to understand.The complex and confusing notions in C++ are either removed from Java or modified in a simpler way.

2) Object Oriented

In Java every object is an object with some information and behavior. Java is easily extensible since it is based in Object Model. The following are the fundamental concepts of OOP's.








3) Robust

Java is a program that aims to get rid of error-prone programs by focusing primarily errors in compile time and runtime check. However, the most important areas that Java made improvements to included Memory Management and mishandled Exceptions with the introduction of an automatic Garbage Collection as well as Exception Handling.

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4) Platform Independent

In contrast to other programming languages like C, C++ etc ., Java is built into platforms specific machines. Java is guaranteed to be a written once, run anywhere language.


When it is compiled, the Java program is converted into the bytecode format. The bytecode format is not dependent on the platform and is able to run on any computer, and the bytecode format provides security. Any machine that has Java Runtime Environment can run Java Programs.

5) Secure

In terms of protection, Java is always the first option. With its Java secure features, it allows us to build an untainted, virus-free system. Java software always operates in a Java runtime environment, which has almost none interaction with the OS which makes it more safe.

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6) Multi Threading

Java multithreading makes an application programs that performs multiple tasks at once. Multithreading benefits are that it makes use of the identical memory and other resources to run multiple threads at once for example, while typing, grammar errors are checked.

7) Architectural Neutral

Compiler produces bytecodes, which aren't related to any particular computer's architecture, so Java programs are not specialized. Java program is simple to understand on any device.

8) Portable

Java Byte code can be used on any platform. No implementation dependent features. Everything associated with storage is defined beforehand, for instance sizes of data primitive types.

9) High Performance

Java is an interpreted language. Therefore, it's not as efficient as a compiled language such as C or C++. However, Java enables high performance through the use of a just-in-time compiler.

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10) Distributed


Java is also an distributed programming language. Programming can be made to run on computers. Java comes with a class library that allows communication via TCP/IP protocols. The creation of network connections is simple in Java in comparison with C/C++.