Development of SAAS services
Development of SAAS services
Development of SAAS services

Development of SAAS services

High attendance, load resistance, machine learning, selection systems, b2b projects, configurations, personalized mailings, calendar systems, integration with internal company systems (CRM, ecommerce, etc.) are quite complex technical challenges.

Reasons to trust Evergreen to develop SaaS applications and products

1) Before starting development, we do a niche and competitor analysis in order to study your niche and understand what is good and what is bad. We analyze competitors in Ukraine and the world, collecting the best ideas and features to make your SaaS product competitive and stand out from the crowd.

2) For SaaS applications, we single out the design stage as a product, in which we include additional artifacts that bring benefits to customers.

3) We are making a UI prototype - a schematic sketch of the SAAS service, an example of a prototype that allows you to visually understand what will be located where.

4) Our projects are aimed at a high level of usability (UX).

5) We are preparing requirements for the front-end, in which we indicate: requirements for the adaptive version, requirements for the code (comments, breakdown into templates, seo requirements), devices on which we will test.

6) In the architecture, we lay the possibility of scaling the project several times. You will always be able to grow the project as new needs arise and will not be faced with the fact that you need to redo everything anew (up to a certain limit, of course).

7) We are often approached when they cannot launch a SaaS project started with other developers. We have processes that allow us to analyze the progress of the project and, if possible, pick up the project and bring it to launch.


Tell us what project you would like to create or develop. Feel free - we are happy to advise on any professional issue and we will do it absolutely free of charge, just call us or fill out the form.