Data Analytics trends for 2022
Data Analytics trends for 2022
Data analytics is a key player for competitive advantage in the last few years.

In recent years, data analytics has become a significant component in gaining a competitive advantage. Because of its crucial importance, firms must stay up with the latest data analytics advances.

Data Analytics includes cloud computing, the development of AI software, machine learning, and edge computing.

  Data Analytics trends for 2022

Engineered decision intelligence: Decision intelligence encompasses a broad range of decision-making techniques, including traditional analytics. Individual decisions and sequences of decisions are aligned into business processes using engineering decision intelligence.

Data fabric as the foundation: With its various modules, data fabric is a design that facilitates composable data and analytics.

Smart and scalable AI: Better learning algorithms and interpretable systems will be enabled by smart and scalable AI. Many businesses will be looking for more from AI systems.

AIOps and comprehensive analytics use: Data comes from all over the place in the realm of big data. It can be used in business intelligence and artificial intelligence technology to optimise the details.

Composable data and analytics: The goal of composable data and analytics is to create a flexible and user-friendly experience by combining components from diverse data, analytics, and AI systems.

Augmented Analytics: & ● Low-Code Solutions