Comprehensive view of security in azure
Comprehensive view of security in azure
Azure Security

How does Microsoft Azure ensure utmost security and implement industry-best practices to create a safe environment for cloud and hybrid infrastructure?

What is Azure Security?

Threat Intelligence is the need of the hour and enterprises are struggling with keeping their infrastructure and devices safe from penetrating attacks. Microsoft offers Azure Security to deal with workload security and protect hybrid environments with real-time actionable insights derived from a vast array of sources, driven by behavioral analytics, ML, and application-based intelligence.

What is Microsoft Azure Security Center?

It is a leading product for security posture management as well as threat protection for hybrid and cloud workloads. It is important for organizations to comply with the regulations and still be able to quickly identify threats and vulnerabilities while setting their ducks in a row for their investigation practices, and Microsoft Azure Security Center does just that. Powered by AI and automation, and combined with Azure Defender, 

Cybersecurity strong holds for Microsoft Azure

There is no doubt that Microsoft is dominating the security arena with its intelligence-driven products and services, but what are some of the best practices for Security in Azure that bump the company to the top of the list?

There are various different domains and categories that Microsoft Security excels in, some of them

1) Database security

2) Operations Security

3) Data Security

4) Network Security

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